Our Favourites, Summarized

Are you looking for our lists of favourites?  Look no further!

Seats on these lists are here for one or more of several reasons: they are very long lasting, they offer excellent longevity for cost, they fill a niche need (extra slim, extra compact, extra tall, etc.), or they tend to have a low rate of incompatibility in vehicles. This does not mean that there’s anything wrong with a seat not on this list.

The BEST seat is the one that fits your budget, your vehicle, your child, and that you will use correctly every time.  And that is not the same seat for everyone!

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Infant seats: rear-facing only (RFO), stay-in-car base, removable carrier with handle.

Convertible seats: install rear-facing and then forward-facing; not all fit from birth but many do!

Combination seats: forward-facing with a harness and then convert to a high back booster, and then sometimes to a backless booster

Dedicated booster seats: belt positioning boosters and do not have a harness