New Year’s Eve Mystery Prize

Happy new year! It’s been a tough year for some, a great one for others. Regardless, we’d like to celebrate, and thank you for doing your Amazon shopping through our links, most often our weekly Friday morning sales post on Facebook.

Over the weeks our fund builds, and allows us to buy seats for families in need. We have supported:

  • Roadside stops, in cooperation with law enforcement, where instead of fines and tickets, families get support, education, and where needed, a new replacement seat to replace their unsafe one.
  • CPSTs across Canada, working with a family in need of a little help purchasing a new seat. A new seat and help installing it is our favourite way to work.
  • Full or partial CPST training scholarships to those wanting to become a technician, but are struggling to fund their course fee. Sometimes funding students also means that an instructor-candidate completes the work to become an instructor…and we like this ripple effect!

Thank you!

For all of your support – we say thank you. We love what we do, but our volunteer time and knowledge only goes so far. It’s your purchasing that makes this happen! Please remember us the next time you need to do any Amazon shopping.

Contest is now closed! Thanks to all who entered.