Britax Skyline & Highpoint Boosters

Updated Oct 2019.

Britax Skyline and Britax Highpoint are the current highback boosters from Britax. They both bring the usual plush fabric, attractive styling, premium features, and ease of use we have come to expect from Britax, and are both seats we would recommend to those for whom a seat belt-positioning booster is the right choice. For many kids, booster readiness happens around age 6.

The Skyline is the main product featured in this review. Where applicable we will outline differences found on the Highpoint, which has a few more features and is at a higher price point…oh. See how that works?

Seat Specs

  • For children who are 40-120 lbs, and 38″ – 63″ tall, and we recommend at least five years old but this is not a requirement of Britax’s
  • 10 position adjustable headrest
  • 2 dishwasher-safe removable and optional cup holders
  • Premium UAS connectors on flexible webbing
  • 10 year expiration
  • $149.99 Skyline and $199.99 Highpoint
  • UPDATE: Original version was a high back booster only – does not convert to a backless booster. Britax has updated the seats though and Skyline and Highpoint may be used in high back or backless modes. Check product details carefully before purchasing.

Dimensions (measurements approximate)

  • belt guide at lowest setting: 15″
  • belt guide at highest setting: 22.5″
  • between head wings: 10.5″
  • between shoulder/side wings: 16″
  • between arm rests at tailbone area: 11.5″
  • between arm rests at front edge of arm rests: 13″
  • depth of seat pan: 13.5″
  • external dimensions: 19.75″ at widest point (cup holders – optional), 19.5″ at widest flare of side wings, 35″ tall fully extended, 15″ wide at back/bottom of base, 17″ at widest point of the base. Highpoint slightly wider externally at headwings due to side impact energy-absorbing cushions.
Britax Skyline booster seat pan
Britax Skyline seat pan
Britax Skyline UAS adjuster and cupholder
Britax Skyline UAS adjuster and cupholder
Britax Skyline UAS storage and smooth base
Tidy UAS storage compartments (see it peeking out?) and a nice smooth base.

Child Fit:

As with all booster seats it is so very important to assess seat belt fit in any booster seat a child rides in. We found the belt fit in the Skyline to be quite reliable on the kids who tested it for us. They ranged in age from 5.5 and at the very minimum for weight, all the way up to 11 and close to the top end of the height limit.

Britax Skyline booster seat Britax Skyline booster seatBritax Skyline booster seat Britax Skyline booster seat

Lap belt fit was consistently excellent – great news!

Britax Skyline booster seat lap belt fit

Our kid testers reported the Skyline to be comfortable, with a nicely-padded cover that seems to stay in place well and doesn’t shift around as they move. It is on the narrow side at the hip width measurement, and some kids found it narrower through the shoulders than other booster they were familiar with. The head support was well-liked.

Britax Skyline booster seat

Some found the seat pan to be a little shallower than they’d prefer, but providing something lightweight to rest their feet on tends to resolve this complaint for any boostered or forward-facing child.

Overall it is a comfortable seat with excellent belt fit, and will last the majority of children through to “5-Stepping” with the adult seat belt, or certainly until they have the maturity and size to confidently use a backless booster seat. (Reminder that this seat does not convert to a backless booster – see note below).

It is very tall in the torso, enabling the shoulder belt to be well-positioned at or above the shoulder and crossing the collarbone on even very tall children.

The Highpoint booster (not pictured – see it on Britax’s site here) comes with a SecureGuard clip, formerly known as an SG clip on now-retired Britax products, and may provide improved lap belt fit or security on some children. It is not a crotch buckle, but rather it hooks over the lap belt and is meant to keep the lap belt well-positioned. Highpoint also has external side impact cushions that will increase the upper torso width measurement.

Fit to Vehicle Comments:

  • Position the back of the booster seat flush against the vehicle seat back when adjusted to a comfortably upright position; if your vehicle head restraint is creating a large gap behind the booster seat then the Skyline/Highpoint may not be a good fit for that seating position. Take a picture and contact Britax for advice.
  • The adjuster mechanism for tightening and loosening the lower anchors is located on the child’s left side. Plan ahead if the seating position you want to use means you have limited access to the adjuster.

Britax Skyline booster UAS adjuster strap

  • The booster seat itself adjusts to a very tall height, which is great, but in vehicles with a lower ceiling or very sloped ceiling, you may not be able to fully use that height. Not a bad problem to have though!
  • The bottom of the booster seat is smooth and flat and should cooperate nicely with leather upholstery

Overall Comments:

  • UAS is easy to use and adjusts smoothly. The connectors easily tuck away into the base and securely stay put during transfer between vehicles, or storage.
  • The cover is well-fitted and constructed and stays tightly in place, no shifting around.
  • Cupholders are easy to remove for dishwasher-safe cleaning
  • Head rest easily adjusts into one of ten positions
  • The fabric feels nice and of high quality

It doesn’t become a backless booster…so what?

Don’t let this put you off. Although we are accustomed to seats having more than one mode there’s no rule that says they have to. This is a sturdy (yet not overly heavy) booster seat that is attractive, comfortable, and long lasting. When and if your growing child needs a backless booster – for carpools, for a second vehicle, for travel – there are many on the market that are inexpensive and portable. One of our very favourites is under $20.

Perhaps you have a younger child to pass this one down to, or perhaps it stays in the vehicle you use for longer trips. Although my tall, just-turned 11 year old doesn’t need a booster seat at all in some vehicles (where she 5-Steps and safely fits the adult seat belt), she prefers a high back booster for the cross-country drives we tend to take in the summer. She finds it more comfortable with supportive side wings and a comfy place to rest her head. Thankfully I can fully extend the Skyline booster in the captain’s seats of my van, and provided she still fits in it come July, that’s what she’ll ride in for the trip!

Where to Buy

Find Britax Highpoint and Britax Skyline where Britax products are sold.

Would you like to win one? Enter here!

Britax Skyline

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  1. Kim MacDougald says:

    I have 2 of these for my 7 year old daughter. 66lbs and 51 inches. (The High point model) we like them very much, the fit is good and she is very comfortable riding in it. Would love to win a 3rd for a spare when she gets picked up by family members!

  2. Desi says:

    The feature I like best is the Uas to keep it from moving/becoming a projectile if a child is not in the seat. I also like that it accomodates a tall torso.

  3. Andrea H says:

    The feature I like best is that it is long in the torso, because my child is not tall when standing up, just when sitting down (much like her mama).

  4. Sylvia says:

    Ideal for transitioning from the 5point to booster for a comfy ride so they can sleep in the car too on long journeys

  5. Sarah Colford Russell says:

    My small six year old would be perfect for this seat. I love that the high back accommodates taller kids so well, my older girls would benefit from that feature as they are still bolstered at 8 & 11…

  6. Shannon says:

    Thanks for the review! We need a booster for my oldest and this sounds like it might be the one. Thank you for all your hard work testing and reviewing seats. It’s been so helpful. ??????

    • Marie Avila says:

      My oldest is 6.5 and I’m looking at HBBs now that he’s close to outgrowing his harness. Thanks for the chance! I’ll totally look at this seat 🙂

  7. Alison Bileske says:

    My 5.5 year old has just transferred from his harness to a booster (still harnessed for long trips). This seat would be fantastic for our everyday vehicle. I love that it can be latched in so you don’t have to remember to buckle it if it’s going to be empty and the fact that the cup holders can go in the dishwasher lol kids are sticky creatures!

  8. Alex Morrison says:

    Have wanted to see a good review of this booster for a while, thanks VICAR for this wonderful review!

  9. Colleen G says:

    Love that it accommodates kids with tall torso’s. I need to remember this seat when my preschooler out grows his harness.

  10. Chantal N says:

    Like the secure guard clip improvement over the crotch strap and smooth bottom for leather interiors! This is so hard to find!

  11. Elyse Cote says:

    I love the option to use the U.A.S. connectors, so the seat will not become a projectile when not in use! I love the option of the SecureGuard clip on the Highpoint – I think it will help many children to transition to a booster seat easily!

  12. Paige Miller says:

    I love the height limit. One vehicle we have needs the higher limits due to headrest issues. This is perfect

  13. Tracy MacKay says:

    I love the look of those one. But I LOVE that it’s one seat and not a high back to backless booster!

  14. Seánine L says:

    As always, Britax comes through with an amazing option for taller kids! Love the dishwasher safe cup holders, and the SecureGuard option on the Highpoint – happy that it carried over from the Parkway. The Nanotex fabric option for the Highpoint is also fabulous. The only *con* is that it is on the narrow side at the shoulders which might be an issue for wider kiddos. Other than that, Britax hit it out of the park.

  15. Ivy Terry says:

    Love the look and the height! The fabric feels nice too, my son always points the Britax booster out because it is so pretty

  16. Kari Barone says:

    I love the 10 position headrest, 10 year expiration, and flexible UAS connectors. The plush fabric and style would suit my fashionable youngest son perfectly.

  17. Kirsten says:

    Thank you for the review! I’ve been looking at the skyline for my 5 year old who is inching closer to booster time and hoping you’d review it before I have to decide. Looks like a winner for us!

  18. Courtney Pywell says:

    Thank you so much Vancouver island car seat techs! My technician made me feel at ease after her consult with me before my daughter was born! I felt much safer about her car seat after our meeting.

  19. Diana Lauzon says:

    I really like that it works well for tall children. My son is all torso so I’ll be looking for this seat when he’s ready!

  20. Leah H says:

    This looks very comfortable. Even though it does not convert to a backless booster, I would imagine that a child can use this seat for a long time – until they no longer need a booster at all and therefore rendering a backless booster unnecessary.

  21. Nicole D says:

    I love that this seat has 10yr expiration and the gear rest has 10 positions it can easily be adjusted to. The blue colour is just a bonus. 😉 thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Linn says:

    Have loved using Britax seats for all stages with my kiddies – my eldest is just about booster ready now and this looks like it would be perfect for him

  23. Moa says:

    Love the time you guys take to show us the carseat as it can be hard to see on their websites what they really look like. I am a fan of the 120lbs weight limit. Less money to spend and less waste- yay!

  24. Jen S says:

    Looks like a great seat! My almost-5 year old could comfortable go into this when he’s out of his harnessed seat in a year or two!!

  25. Kalynn Joyce says:

    I LOVE that the cupholders are dishwasher safe!!! It seems obvious that actual parents were involved in designing this seat! My 6-year-old has been begging to booster train, and this would be a great opportunity to start!

  26. Jennifer P. says:

    I have 2 favourite things that stand out. First is the 10 position adjustable headrest, in conjunction with the high weight and height limits. We’re a very tall family and my youngest especially is very tall for her age but will need to be in a seat for many more years. I’ll need a booster that will be able to accommodate her size! I also love that it has UAS connectors – we’ve never had a booster with these before but I have always wanted this feature. For my youngest I’ll want this for sure.

  27. Keren Simanova says:

    Great Booster with a lot of ultimate safety features!
    Thanks for sharing this post with us!
    As a mom of 3, I am always looking for the best car seat products for my girls.
    Keren Simanova

  28. Anna B says:

    Thanks for the review! I’d love to see a follow up review on the new versions of these boosters as they can be converted into no back boosters.

    • jshapka says:

      One day perhaps! If the body of the seat is the same then certainly the high back version would be comparable to this one. How the back connects to the bottom would affect comfort at the tailbone. My own kids are particular about anything lumpy there.

  29. Tannis W says:

    Looks like a great booster seat. I love the large head rest protection and the blue color is pretty too!

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