Sleepypod Clickit Terrain Pet Harness

Do you have a dog? Do you take your dog with you in the car? This post is for you!

If you’ve ever met with a CPST for a car seat check you may remember being told to contain your loose objects because they can move in a crash and injure someone. You know…put the trailer hitch, bricks, and hammer in the trunk or storage compartment please. Really anything loose should be contained, even a phone or a water bottle, because things move so significantly in a crash.

But what about fur babies? Does your pup ride in the back seat in between the kids? How about standing up in the aisle in the van, poking a head through to the front seats? On a lap? Please no. In a crash or hard braking event that unrestrained pet becomes a massive and potentially deadly projectile for the humans in the car, and that’s true even of small dogs. They could also be badly injured even if you aren’t.

So what to do? There are a few options, depending on what you drive, but one easy-to-use device to consider is a pet harness. There are a lot on the market, but there are no federal standards to meet as there are with car seats. The Center for Pet Safety and Subaru tested a range of pet harnesses in 2013 and gave their approval to the SleepyPod Clickit Sport, and now the brand new, more rugged, Sleepypod Clickit Terrain, offering better test results than the Sport and compatible with more Sleepypod accessories! Watch their crash tests with specially built dog test dummies. YouTube is full of dog crash test videos if you want to subject yourself to that.

Thanks to our three testers (and their humans) for helping to review!  The Sleepypod Clickit Terrain will be available soon in Canada but we’re here to tell you all about it and give you a chance to win one for your furry friend’s (and your family’s) safety!

Meet our Testers

Gizmo is a 2.5 year old, 60ish-lbs hound mix who likes eating socks, sitting on people, and short walks around the block. One of his other favourite activities is riding in the car — preferably to the beach, Dairy Queen or the vet. He’s modelling his brand new Sleepypod Clickit Terrain in “Orange Dream” in size large.


Yoshi is a 5 year old, 30lb Labradoodle. He is a great running partner and is tennis ball obsessed. He can often be found lounging by the fireplace watching the rain fall. Here Yoshi is modelling a size small in “Robin Egg Blue.”


Sorcha is a 10.5 year old rescue from Arizona who loves hot, sunny weather and food. When she’s not trying to avoid the rain here on the West Coast, she can be found playing with the cats, sleeping on the softest surface she can find, or hiking on the local trails with her family. Sorcha is wearing a size medium in “Robin Egg Blue.”


Harness Details

The orange/turquoise part of the harness is a heavy duty nylon-ish material, and the inside is a black neoprene. This harness is sturdy, with strong stitching, quality materials, and metal hardware, and is padded for comfort. The harness is attractive and the colours are fabulous. Shown here are Orange Dream and Robin Egg Blue but the Terrain also comes in Jet Black and Strawberry Red.


We also love this part– reflectors! We’re often out in the evening, so this is great for extra safety! Patches on the shoulder can be swapped out for service patches for working dogs. The Terrain is also compatible with pannier-like accessory bags if you want your dog to carry gear.

Watching the instructional video for tips on how to adjust to the dog’s shape and size made fitting it straightforward.

Three flat fingers under the heavy duty metal buckle to gauge a snug but comfortable fit, and the top buckle has two heavy duty D-rings for clipping a leash to it.

One of our favourite things about it is the leash can stay on the rings while in the car, making for easy in and out. We will also be using it for regular walks as Gizmo has a thing against cows and has broken through more then one collar and a handful of harnesses….


It was a bit tough to get buckled up, but we think that’s a Gizmo thing– he’s trained to jump in and lie down– he will have to be trained to sit, buckle and then lie down. Sleepypod offers some tips for getting your pet used to their new harness. No big deal, and worth the time and effort knowing he’s safer in the vehicle and so are the human passengers traveling with him.


Yoshi got the hang of buckling quickly.

Gizmo and Yoshi both seemed perfectly comfortable during the ride. They were able to sit up and lie down although it may take them a bit to get used to the feel of it. A short walk before the car ride to get used to the harness – or even wearing it in the house for a while –  is recommended. So far no chaffing or hot spots after using it.

Despite his ‘poor me’ expression, we think it’s going to work great for us!

Sorcha agrees, although her sad face may tell you otherwise.


The Sleepypod Clickit Terrain is intended for dogs weighing between 18-90 lb – humans with smaller pets might consider a secured carrier instead. Gizmo is sporting the large, because that’s what he sized to on the chart, but because of his body style (slim and trim), he may fit better in the medium. Slim and trim builds seem to fit better in the smaller size (if your dog measures on the edge of a size), whereas barrel-chested dogs may fare better in the larger of two sizes. Yoshi measured on the edge of the small/medium but the small was a much better fit for him. We recommend contacting Sleepypod and asking for sizing advice if your dog measures right in between two sizes.


Final Thoughts


We commend Sleepypod’s commitment to safety in the car — for our furry family members, as well as our children and ourselves. However you travel make sure everyone is properly buckled up. We are extremely impressed by the quality, durability, and comfort of this harness, and look forward to using it in our vehicles.

Enormous thanks to Sleepypod for providing review harnesses – and now a harness for one of you! Win a  Sleepypod Clickit Terrain in the colour and size of your choice (subject to stock availability at time of shipping).



To be eligible to win:

  1. You MUST comment on on this blog post with the following information: Tell us about your dog in the style of our “tester profiles” as written in this review. No extra entries for humour but we would sure enjoy it! Your comment won’t show up right away but trust us, it will soon.
  2. THEN use the Rafflecopter widget below to tell us “I commented.” Earn extra entries if you want to, and good luck!

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41 comments to Sleepypod Clickit Terrain Pet Harness

  • Brandi Waal

    I love my sleepypod so much! Would love one to give to a friend!

  • Ana

    Mya is 7yr old, 10lb Morkie rescue. She loves to run, play with kids and will give kisses to anyone at all who merely makes eye contact. When she’s not running at a 100 miles an hour she can usually be found cuddled up under a blanket between your feet. She loves to travel with us and we’d love to have a Sleepypod for her.

  • Baron is a 3.75 year old Goldendoodle. He weighs 42 pounds and is long and lean. He enjoys lots of swimming in the ocean and chasing pheasants. He is a white dog but you’d never know it as he is nearly always covered in mud.

  • Patricia the Great

    Keto is a large (probably 80-100lb) husky/cross who likes to delicately chew unnecessary pieces from slippers and shoes. He loves Jeep rides to the mountains and will take himself for walks if he thinks his people need a break. He calls his people back to him when they are gone with his beautiful howling. He knows how much the entire neighbourhood appreciates his beautiful singing.

  • Colleen

    Odin is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie who is a fantastic running and hiking partner. He weighs about 45-50 pounds. He has a major obsession with the chuck it, frisbees and antlers. He likes car rides that take him somewhere to run, hike or swim. He likes to be with his people but does enjoy sleeping on the couch in their absence, since he really is not supposed to.

  • Gemma Laporte

    Nova is a 70lb, 1yr old Boxer/American Bulldog mix. Her favourite activities include but are not limited to, eating sticks and digging holes in the backyard, as well as chasing her favourite rubber ball for hours on end. She loves car rides to the dog park or to the lake for a swim!

  • Jessi

    Jack is a 27lb 11.5 year old wheatie-poo who HATES car rides. He is a weird little Houdini who has yet to meet a harness he can’t escape. Hopefully this can’t contain him!

  • Nancy Thurston

    Tucker is a one year old Australian Labradoodle who weighs 45lbs. Tucker loves his people and is happy to go wherever we go. Even in the car. We really do not like the collar clip seatbelt we have for Tucker so would LOVE to have a Sleepypod to keep him the safest we can. He is barrel chested so the size large is likely best for him.

  • Marianne

    Lucy is a 5 year old lab, who is about 80lbs. She likes balls, sticks and long walks in the woods. Regularly found sleeping on my bed, or lounging on the porch.

  • Sarah

    Wow! Looks like a great option for out new four legged friend.

  • Casey is a 5 month old, 17 lb cocka-poo who is best friends with our 10 year old boy and feels the love of our 5 year old girl. Casey loves to steal socks off visiting babies and bagels from toddlers. We would like to take him camping this summer and to keep him secured safely in the car.

  • Seanine Linnenbruegger

    Rupert is a 12 year-old, 80 lbs + Rough Collie (think Lassie). After 6 years here, he has officially become a permanent resident of our beautiful country from his native South Africa (yes, he flew here complete with 2 layovers). He was rescued from violent homelife in Durban and shows his appreciation for his ‘second chance’ by being the gentlest and sweetest dog a person could find. He is my dad’s sidekick and travels everywhere with him. He goes to work with him everyday, to his soccer games where he roams the sidelines and cheers on the team, and is his travel companion. He is also a service dog and keeps my dad, a vet with PTSD, on the straight and narrow! They are a winning team and he has done more for our family than we could ever begin to express. Rupert is working on his whining, and trying hard to overcome his fear of OC Transpo Buses, or what he thinks of as ‘monsters’.

  • Christine

    We have two boys, Chichi and Blue. Chichi is a 6yr old, 78lbs Lab Mix. His favourite game is to swim and fetch sticks, he loves our kids. He is an anxious car rider, so perhaps a Sleepypod would help him feel more secure!
    Blue is a 7 month, 65lbs Cane Corso. He is learning amazingly fast and enjoys playing ball and going for walks; even better when he meets new people! Since he will be between 100-120lbs, he will be a huge projectile in the vehicle, a Sleepypod would be a good idea.

  • Dana

    Roxy is an 8 year old, 17lb west highland terrier. She loves going for walks and watching the squirrels in the back yard. We are looking for a way to contain her in the car and would love to win one of these!

  • Sandra Durksen

    Toby is a 2 yr old Shichon. He is a lovable little guy that loves to shower everyone with love. He loves going for walks and chasing squirrels and birds. He loves coming for car rides and a SleepyPod would be great in helping to keep him safe.

  • Lorna MacFarlane

    Archie is a 12 year old, arthritic 85 pound golden retriever that still loves to go for walks especially with his sister and brother who are a car ride away. A SleepyPod would be fantastic for our fur baby!

  • I would love the new terrain for my monster!

  • Erin Harder

    Bailey is an 85 pound,
    3 year old American/English bulldog. She is the baby of the family and LOVES car rides!
    She loves carrots, and snuggling under the covers when the weather is cold. Bailey also loves tormenting her younger (and much larger) Great Dane brother, Goliath.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jodie

    Lola is a 7 year old 80 pound lab/mastiff/pyr who loves to nap, leave drool puddles, and gobble up her food as long as there’s pumpkin on it. Her regular ride has her well restrained with a cargo barrier but it would be so nice to have the option to safety transport her in a smaller vehicle. A SleepyPod would mean she could ride within reach of her favourite boy for lots of pats.

  • Karen Roberge

    Sadie is an 8 month old Golden Retriever pup. She is a toy terminator! She destroys all her stuffed toys especially if they have a squeaker in them. She is such a sweetie and loves to go wherever we go. Especially if we are heading to the off leash park or the Pet Store so having a SleepyPod harness would ensure Sadie’s safety and our safety while riding in the car!!

  • Mackenzie R.

    Penny is a 3 year old golden doodle. She loves playing with her brother Nolan and is partial to anything resembling a ball. She loves to come along to drop off and pick up the kids st school, so having a SleepyPod harness would be wonderful to ensure every member of our family remains as safe as possible in the car!

  • Mike K.

    Rocko is a 9 year old border collie. He enjoys going everywhere with his dad and can chase a ball from sunrise to sunset! During the winter months you can find him curled up in a corner near the fireplace. We would love one of these harnesses so Rocko can safely be a part of family adventures!

  • Laurie Gerard

    Ruby is a 73 pound 4 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. She comes to work with me every day. She’s a great passenger but would love a Sleepypod harness to keep her extra safe!

  • Danica Kimberley

    Don mega is a 2.5 year old English bulldog. He likes long walks on the beach followed by naps. Would love this to keep him safe in the car!!

  • Wendy Ann

    Niki is a 3.5 yr old small/medium dog with hair that needs to be cut who likes to run, chew and get belly rubs.

  • Kristi Smith

    Tara is a 90lbs wolfhound/Airedale mix (we think!) that is all legs and crazy fur. She enjoys standing and barking at nothing in the middle of the backyard, cleaning out the high chair after dinner and, of course, her walks. Her absolute favourite thing is to be offleash by the river where she pretends not to know her name while rolling in a stinky dead salmon. ?

  • Sarah Thurston

    My neph-pup Dresden is a 2.5 year old goldendoodle. He is an avid lover of kleenex, socks and anything else that he can eat that he shouldn’t! When he’s not busy eating dirty kleenex, he loves to bounce into peoples faces like gazelle on methamphetamine, love on his human cousins and play fetch. He also loves the car and giving his Mom and Dad long wet kisses. When he’s tired he likes to climb onto his dad’s lap and gnaw on elk antlers…while dad holds them for him.

  • Kerri

    Kona is a 7 month old German Shepherd whose favourite activities are walks, playing fetch, & instigating other dogs (& children!) to participate in mischief. With huge soulful eyes he uses his Jedi mind trick to convince the kids to feed him many unauthorized treats daily, or to convince us to forgive him after chewing yet another stuffed animal. Both kids are in Dionos & having Kona safety restrained on our car rides would be great!

  • Lindsay Reynolds

    Lucy is a 3 year old rescue. She is fluffy and hairy and enjoys pizza crusts and unhealthy dog food. She also runs like a kangaroo.

  • Cheryl

    Ranger is an 8 month border collie kelpie cross that thinks he’s just another kid, and should go in the car whenever w do. Unfortunately, he does not sit still and I worry he’ll end up hurt or hurting a little person kumpingvaroond. At 45 lbs, he’s a bit too big for that! This harness would help get rid of that disappointed look I see whenever I say, no, you can’t cone today.

  • Heather

    Wally is a 4 year old Vizsla “puppy”, weighing at 43lbs he feels he is the perfect sized lap dog and truely lives up to the name Velcro Vizsla. He loves to be with his family (as close as possible) and believes it is animal cruelty that I contain him in his crate when we are in his cart. I know he would love he sleepypod harness!

  • Laura White

    Gryffyn is a 12 year old Cocker Spaniel who loves car rides! He also has a passion for chasing pigeons and squirrels and eating his veggies.

  • Riley is a 5 year old Shetland Sheepdog. He works as a medical alert service dog and helps protect his handler from life threatening allergens and respiratory failure. Due to disability it’s hard to keep switching between a Sleepypod Sport harness and his vest at every stop but keeping him safe is his handler’s number one priority! That said, a Terrain harness that can be adapted with patches to avoid the frequent switching would be a welcome relief. But don’t worry about the old harness! A new puppy is expected in the spring and would benefit by using the hand-me-down as it trains to become a life-changing mobility service dog.

  • Peggy Lowndes

    Hamish is a 20 month old Scottish terrier. He is such a cuddle bug He also likes to sing Aroooos. Makes me laugh all the time. Hamish would look so dapper in a “Strawberry Red” Sleepypod Clickit Terrain Pet harness, size small. His mom would feel better knowing it was keeping him safe.

  • Matthew Wolfe

    Mimzy is a 2 year old pug wheaten terrier mix, who is roughly 20 lbs. She loves to run around, it’s probably her favourite thing in the world (next to chicken); when she’s not busy running about, Mimzy likes to be by her human and sleep on his comfy bed.

  • Anna

    Charlee is a 7.5 year old Wheaten Terrier. She enjoys long walks in the woods, snuggles, bum scratches, and hunting for vermin (which we luckily have none of). We would love for her to be extra safe on those car rides to the woods!

  • Julie D

    I have three large dogs. Two 75lb spinone are on a bench seat behind my children in a lesser quality harness. Been wanting one for a little while so I hope I check a chance to try the new terrian. The spinone often travel with me to work and out to trials and hikes. Hope we win they deserve it.

  • Kim Kirby

    Mackie is a 9.5 year old Scottish Terrier. He is a big boy for his breed, taller and longer than most and weighing in around 35 lbs. He has had separation anxiety since he was a baby, and wants to be with his human mommy and daddy all the time, so they always plan local getaways where he can go along. He gets very excited when we get his harness out, and he he loves going places and riding in the car, unless he finds out he is actually going to the vet. He would love to have the new Sleepypod Clickit Terrain for safer car rides.

  • Chelsea Crowder

    Cooper is a 2 year old who knows what kind of mix. He is 75 lbs of love and he likes to make sure you know it by laying right on top of you or being your shadow wherever you go. He loves his toys, walks, the beach and car rides when he can hang his head out the window. He is not the most graceful swimmer bit he sure try’s hard. He also loves to tear up newspaper until it’s the size of hampster cage paper..even though we don’t have one; he also likes to lick the cats head until it’s soaked but she lets him so it’s all good. There isn’t much he doesn’t like but he is not too sure what a bicycle is. He would love to have the new sleepypod clickit terrain for safer car rides for the whole family included his new 7 month old human baby sister (which I’m pretty sure he thinks she’s his)!

  • Gemma Laporte

    Thanks for this review. It’s assuring to know that there’s a crash tested option out there, to keep our four-legged kids safe while travelling!

  • nicky

    What a great harness! So useful.

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