Ho Ho, Hey Hey, It’s a 5K Giveaway!

GWWe can scarcely believe it – we’re creeping up on 5,000 readers and despite our regional name have become known from coast to coast. Yay us! And yay you for keeping us going!

A milestone like that deserves a contest, but since we like to mix things up and keep it interesting this one is different.

The entry form will move about. We might give a clue for where it is, or you might happen upon it by reading through our website materials: blog posts, lists of favourite seats, FAQs and the like.

Every time it moves you’ll the get opportunity to earn extra entries.

And most importantly – what can you win? Well…that depends on what you need. We don’t want to limit it or cap it, and everyone has different wants and wishes. So dream big! If you are the lucky winner we’ll consult with you and decide what is in stock, readily accessible, and works for your situation (within reason – final decision is up to us as we’ve not yet had luck getting our money tree to grow).

Good luck! And don’t forget to go hunting for the entry form (it will disappear from THIS page after a little bit), and keep watching on Facebook for where to find it next.  Contest closes at 11:59pm Pacific on March 31st. We thought that would be amusing to contact the winner on April Fool’s Day.

The only mandatory entry requirement is to leave a blog post comment on THIS POST, but you must use the Rafflecopter to actually submit the entry.  But first you have to find it. Check Facebook for a clue about where to look!

Thank you for all the entries! The contest is now closed.

a Rafflecopter giveaway