Ho Ho, Hey Hey, It's a 5K Giveaway!

GWWe can scarcely believe it – we’re creeping up on 5,000 readers and despite our regional name have become known from coast to coast. Yay us! And yay you for keeping us going!

A milestone like that deserves a contest, but since we like to mix things up and keep it interesting this one is different.

The entry form will move about. We might give a clue for where it is, or you might happen upon it by reading through our website materials: blog posts, lists of favourite seats, FAQs and the like.

Every time it moves you’ll the get opportunity to earn extra entries.

And most importantly – what can you win? Well…that depends on what you need. We don’t want to limit it or cap it, and everyone has different wants and wishes. So dream big! If you are the lucky winner we’ll consult with you and decide what is in stock, readily accessible, and works for your situation (within reason – final decision is up to us as we’ve not yet had luck getting our money tree to grow).

Good luck! And don’t forget to go hunting for the entry form (it will disappear from THIS page after a little bit), and keep watching on Facebook for where to find it next.  Contest closes at 11:59pm Pacific on March 31st. We thought that would be amusing to contact the winner on April Fool’s Day.

The only mandatory entry requirement is to leave a blog post comment on THIS POST, but you must use the Rafflecopter to actually submit the entry.  But first you have to find it. Check Facebook for a clue about where to look!

Thank you for all the entries! The contest is now closed.

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295 comments to Ho Ho, Hey Hey, It’s a 5K Giveaway!

  • Been thinking about a new combo seat for my 5 year old. If I win one I won’t have to convince my husband we need another seat 🙂

  • Catrienna Lynch

    I’d buy a new click tight or a Clek Fllo. Having a love/hate relationship with my son’s radian.

  • Yah! Thanks for the contest! I would love a nautilus for my growing monkey!

  • Natalie

    My kids are getting big, so other than possibly fancy boosters, I don’t have a lot of car seat wants/needs. I’d be happy with a “give away” seat or booster 🙂 Happy 5k, vicarseatechs!

  • Jessica Scallen

    I would LOVE to win a Britax CT Pinnacle in Broadway-my dream harness to booster!

  • sarah laming

    Thanks for your advice on carseats! As a parent of giant babies, I’d love a Britax Frontier CT or Pinnacle.

  • I would love a new clek Fllo!

  • I have no idea, probably a defender, my booster kid turns out to suck at boostering…!!

  • Ashlie Connolly

    Awesome give away!! I would love to move my DD to a convertible from her bucket, but my son isn’t ready to FF yet and I have a FF only seat for his next seat. He can’t pass down his seat to his sister so I would love a Britax marathon in Pink Giraffe for her to use now!!

  • Sarah Vincent

    we’d love a Clek Fllo for our little girl!

  • Jaime M

    Car seat! My 9 month old likes to be a big boy in shopping carts now and is such a hassle taking carrier out of base to haul him out and then vice versa!!

    • jshapka

      You can absolutely leave his seat in the car right now and treat it as a convertible – save your back!

  • Megan

    I would love to get another Diono, as #3 is on its way!

  • Jenn Currie

    Congratulations! This is an exciting milestone and an intriguing contest. I love all the blog posts and advice given by the awesome techs here!

    • Jenn Currie

      And I forgot to add – I have so many ideas for what new seat I would want! Probably a new Britax Frontier though!! My youngest will be outgrowing her rear facing Radian soon enough… And forward facing in a frontier would be awesome!

  • Naomi

    I would choose the best combination seat that would last my kids the longest (don’t know what that is yet).

  • hooray for a giveaway! I would pick a britax boulevard click tight! It’s nearly time for us to move out of our infant seat, but I’m constantly switching between cars! The click connect seats look like the easiest to install and a great seat all around!

  • Chelsea

    I would pick a new Britax CT booster for my growing boy!

  • I’d pick a Marathon ClickTight because I need something that takes up less front to back space for my small 2 year old.

  • Kara w

    Probably a Britax Boulevard CT! Double duty in dad’s car… Would work for all kids 🙂

  • Britax Frontier ClickTight, since you left no limitations on cost.

  • stacey g

    What a fun give away! Not sure what I am in need of– a nautilus has grabbed my attention recently, or perhaps a seat to pass on to someone in need.

  • Kelsey

    Loving our diono…an rxt for the other vehicle would be fabulous!

  • Shelagh Pavlis

    Yep in need of a new seat. One that is safe and a cup holder would be great!!

  • Amy Dodd

    Id love a convertible car seat for my moms car!

  • Kelsey

    Loving our diono…a second rxt for the other vehicle would be amazing!

  • Beth R.

    Probably a Frontier…with two kids now forward facing, its adjustable harness plus high limits offer the versatility that we need for our second vehicle

  • Would love to win a Britax Marathon for my growing baby girl!

  • Shannon Salter

    I am pretty set on car seats right now but if I won I would love to pick something for my niece or nephew who are both just about to outgrown the seats they are in!

  • Bree

    I would love a new convertible seat either a brutal or a diono probably 🙂

  • Hmmm…. My youngest is going to need to be harnessed for as long as possible and because of the AWFUL seat belts in our van if we can choose anything it would be the Britax Frontier CT in Congo! Please!!!!!! Plus the CT will make switching vehicles easy peasy! I’m so done fighting with our seat belts….

  • Dominique

    I’m not really sure. I’d need something that is as narrow as possible. I have two rear facing and one in a booster in my 2012 ford fusion.

  • I would choose a RF/FF seat that I could eventually move my NB into so I can keep both my littles RF as long as possible.

  • Kristina

    My daughter has adult sized kidneys, and doesn’t comfortably fit her bucket seat. Are there any convertible seats that you would recommend for a 13 month old

  • Sophia middleton

    I would pick either a Britax Clicktight since we often move the seat lots or a Diono for the low sides to make it easier in the truck!

  • Tara D

    I’d either get a Foonf/Fllo or a ClickTight.

  • Rachelle

    I’d get a convertible seat like a pacifica for my newest due in June.

  • Dana

    I would love a graco nautilus! It would save us from transferring seats from 1 car to the other 🙂

  • Tara

    Id love a convertible carseat for my son!

  • Jessica

    Our not so little one is growing out if his infant car seat. Would like to get the next stage car seat. Maybe Peg Perego.

  • L. Yu

    Awesome contest! Kind of like an Easter egg hunt

  • Janice

    I would get a cowmoo Frontier CT! Because my husband won’t let me buy it :p and 3 of my 4 kids can use it, 4th will eventually.

  • Something for the 4.5 year old. She is (obviously) neglected since she is the middle child, and is approaching the top harness height on both of her seats regularly used and is not booster ready. I’m pretty open… Pioneer Nautilus Frontier Securekid

  • Kelly

    i would love to get a diono car seat for a second seat to use.

  • Jessie Morrison

    Would most certainly love to have a Clek added to my vehicle so I could purchase the infant thingy!!

  • Britax clicktight Frontier is my seat of choice because my 3 year old needs a combination seat for mom’s car. I’m sick and tired of dealing with the AOE.

    If money wasn’t an object, I would love a minimum of 5 Evenflo Titan 65/SureRides (something low cost & long lasting) to give away in my community as recent volunteering efforts as a CRST I see a huge need in the low income, food bank serviced families. Just to be able to make a difference in 5 families would help so much as I’m sure the snowball effect would occur.

    Congratulations on reaching such a big milestone, your website and FB page has helped thousands of families keep their children safe when in the car!

  • Abby

    Would love a new convertible car seat!

  • Melissa Rothenberg

    We are in need of 2 convertible car seats… So not having to pay for two would be amazing! I would love a Britax Click Tight, but any seat would be greatly appreciated and really help us out 🙂

  • Deirdre Bellaart

    A 5 point harness as I have a day care and 3 car seats in the back of my van all expire December 2015!

  • I would pick a click tight. We do a lot of seat transfers in and out of my hubby’s truck because he also uses it for work would be nice to have something quick and easy to install.

  • If I won, I think I would pick a foonf .. or maybe a Britex advocate CT. ..
    AH so many choices!

  • Diane

    I’m thinking a Diono or clek (not sure which style yet) for my almost 4 almost 40lb daughter so I can pass her Marathon onto her baby sister.

  • Melissa

    I’d pick a car seat that allows for extended rear facing. No idea which one as we are still researching the seat that will best suit our needs but our 5 month old daughter is growing like a weed and is going to grow out of her infant seat in the next couple of months.

  • Brenda A

    Tough, tough question! I would need to try the seat in my car and with my child first, but I would be happy if a Fllo fit!

  • A harnessed booster is what I’d pick for my toddler, so she could pass on her convertable to her baby brother when we need it. A diono Something super skinny, and super tiny as a hatch back doesn’t have much room at all for a family of four.

  • Yoshimi

    Congrats and thank you so much for having this awesome giveaway!

    I would love to have Britax Pinnacle for my 7mo old daughter 🙂 She is growing out of her infant carseat, so we need a convertible one soon!!

    • jshapka

      The Pinnacle is forward-facing only and has a 2 year age minimum – but I’m sure we can help you pick something suitable! 🙂

  • Nazeefa Badshah

    I’d like to get a Diono! You guys are awesome!

  • Would love another Diono Rainier or RXT for our 3 year old to keep him rear facing beyond the 40″ of his Titan 65.

  • Kristin

    Congrats on your milestone. I’m starting to shop for our first car seat now. You’re page is a great tool!

  • Lori

    Great contest! Would love a Clek Foonf or Fllo for my hubby’s car!

  • Sitka

    Would love a Clek Fllo, my large 3 year old is fast approaching the forward facing limits of my current car seat!!

  • Sharon

    I’d like a britax advocate for my baby. We have the alpha omega right now and find it difficult to fit it into most vehicles.

  • Fenilyn

    I’m not sure what I would choose at this point! My son is 17 month and has CP. He has no core strength so it would have to be something that has a fair amount of tilt to it. Great giveaway!

  • Beth Chretien

    I would love to replace my 2yr old’s older Radian (don’t like the install in my Ody) with a Foonf!

  • Booster! For future use.

  • Rhowena Caldwell

    I would love to have another Diono Pacifica for hubby’s vehicle! The low sides would make it so much easier to get our daughter in and out of it.

  • i would pick Britax Boulevard (G4.1) Convertible Car Seat, Laguna. i love the britax seats and the bright color of this one

  • Lisa MacKenzie

    Looking for another convertible seat as our youngest is getting too big for his bucket. Love the look of the clek foonf and would love to try a different brand than we already have!

  • I’d pick a new Frontier CT to replace one of the seats I just lost in an accident. 🙁

  • Deanna Paauwe

    We just upgraded our car seats but if I win maybe hubby will be convinced to have another baby and we can get a new infant seat. Lol.

  • Ciara

    I think I would pick an infant bucket car seat for our baby due in June but am not entirely sure! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Tennille

    A Foonf or Fllo that grandma and grandpa will be able to tighten correctly.

  • Hey! I know Mike, we work together! 😀

    I’d get a carseat because we are expecting baby #3! <3

  • Julie

    A Clek for sure. I have the Boulevard and it’s great. We have two vehicles so I’ll need a second car seat once Bug grows out of his bucket seat. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Meggin D

    Oohh!!! Congratulations!!! 🙂
    I’m in desperate need (well, you know how it is) of a diono radian. Not one with all the extra bits, but just the basic one please! 🙂

  • Brandi Waal

    I already have a tokidoki foonf so I would love to win a click tight boulevard or marathon for my friend dye a couple months after me!

  • Kyrie

    I’d pick either a Britax Frontier or an Oobr!

  • Sharon

    Probably a seat to harness my little one when she finally forward faces

  • Amy

    Would love to win a harness to booster for my 4 yr old who is close to outgrowing her My Ride!

  • Stephanie Hudson

    Would love a convertible seat for my third, for when he outgrows the infant seat. My other kids seats for his age didn’t rear face long enough and are expiring soon!

  • Larissa Eyres

    Thanks for the great website, contests and deals! Goodluck everyone 🙂

  • A Clek (Foonf or Fllo) or a Diono Rainier would be perfect. I love this blog, by the way, have learned so much. Great work!

  • jaimie

    i would love another carseat (maybe one of the new britax click tights!) for our other vehicle

  • Ooh decisions!!!! Probably upgrade my daughter to a boulevard ct for her daddy’s truck. 🙂

  • Kirsty

    We need a new seat for my daughter so this would be amazing

  • Congrats on the milestone!

  • Randa

    I’d love to have a carseat for the grandparent’s vehicle so i wouldn’t have to move ours around. I’d love a fllo or radian.

  • Aimee

    We love our MyRide65 and need another for grandma and grandpa’s car. 🙂

  • Amanda Milette

    A Diono Rainier or similar for Grandma’s car so our son is safe. Thanks!

  • Clek Fllo for another car seat

  • Salina

    I have learned so much about car seat safety from your site! What a life saver!

  • Jill MacDonald

    We have a big baby so perhaps a britax frontier ct would be nice!

  • Sarah Bent

    I would be looking at a new Britax Clicktight for my youngest – he needs out of his bucket soon and his seat moves back and forth from his Dad’s car to mine twice a week. This seat was designed for me!

  • I would be looking at boosters to replace my soon to expire turbo booster and it won’t be long until my youngest will be thinking about moving to one

  • Serena Plante

    I need a convertible seat for my 2yo. She has outgrown her current seat (30 lbs.) and it is expired. For starters, I’d just like a safe, appropriate seat for her. Preferably, I’d like her to remain RFing in a seat that doesn’t take up much room from front to back (side to side doesn’t matter).

  • I would donate my seat if I won to a local business that helps people who can’t afford seats. I don’t need it for myself, but I’m sure that others would be happy to receive a safe, secure seat for their little one.
    Your info is awesome and, as a doula, I’m so happy to be able to refer to your website so often!

  • Krista Murray

    I’d love a new car seat for my tall 18 month old.

  • Melissa Chang

    DIONO Ranier. We have a small car with two small kids. (One is already in a Diono.) The smaller will out grow his bucket far too soon so a 3 in 1 convertible would be best.

  • Renee Riv

    Would love a second diono or a clek for our second car 🙂

  • Catherine Morris

    Would love a britax frontier click tight to keep my 5 yr old harness longer and get a great booster for after!

  • I’d love a convertible seat for my baby girl. Possibly a Clek fllo!

  • Amy Desroches Riveiro

    Thanks for the contest! I’d pick a Clek Foonf or Fllo – still have to see which would fit in our vehicle better!

  • I hear great things about clek – either a convertible for my youngest son or a booster for my older son

  • Vivien Allen

    I think after many chats I’ve decided that the Clek Fllo is the seat we should get for my little man. We noticed today that though he is only 3 months, he won’t be in his bucket for that long as he is so incredibly tall. I like that it fits nicely in a smaller car… I only hope it’s easy to move from car to car

  • Lori Hamanishi

    Great contest!! We would love another Britax!!

  • I’d love to try a clicktight or Fllo!

  • I would love to have one of the new britax click tights because of the high rear facing height limits. My daughter is only in the 50th percentile for height so it would probably rear face her for a very long time since my 6 year old son is only 44 inches tall.

  • Emily Rutherford

    I would love a new britax boulevard. We need one for a second car because we live out on the peninsula and work hours such that one person will need to take her to daycare while the other picks her up. Our work locations make it such that it will not work any other way. But we just can’t fit a second one into the budget. My primary concern of course is her safety! She is 5 months old. For now we are using the britax b safe and really like it.

  • Andrea

    We are ready to move from infant bucket to convertible seat. Looking at a diono for its extended rear facing and narrow profile for 3 across.

  • Stephanie

    I’d love a Britax Frontier for my 4 year old who is quickly outgrowing his Fllo!

  • Contest time! Yay! We would love a marathon click tight!

  • Kristy

    I would love a Clek Fllo! I like its extended rear facing ability and narrow width and also that Clek is Canadian 🙂

  • I’d like another Nautilus to harness my niece when she visits!

  • I’d love a Diono radian or rainer for travelling to visit the grandparents!

  • Amanda

    ii would get a Diono so that way I can fit 3 across in our sun and keep my oldest in a harness as long as possible 🙂

  • Jen Pott

    next car seat needed will be a Clek fllo for kiddo #2! We have the Foonf and LOVE it!

    • jshapka

      Kiddo #2 (congrats by the way!) could test out the Infant Thingy from Clek, due in about 6 weeks or so. Makes a Foonf/Fllo usable from birth!

  • Christa

    I don’t know, but I need SOMETHING for my 6 month old who just outgrew his infant bucket seat. Thankfully we’re on the bus 95% of the time!

  • Alison Bileske

    Hmm tough one lol…I would have to probably pick either one of the britax ct harnessed to booster seats or the graco natulis for when my son is ready to transition to forward facing…then his currant britax pavilion can be passed on to baby 2 whenever that happens…

  • Jo

    I would choose either a booster for when my son grows out of his Britax Boulevard or a bucket seat for when we have baby #2 because ours will expire before that happens.

  • Tannis W

    I think a Diono Rainier or Clek seat would be nice. I like that they are both narrower seats and the Clek has a nice clean and modern look.

  • Leanne Howe

    Definitely a convertible car seat that can keep my little guy rear facing for a long time, but will grow with him to forward face when he’s ready…. Not for a few years!

  • Ashley D

    I would buy the Britax Blvd click connect. Congrats on the 5k!

  • I’d love a Britax Frontier so that I can keep my tall almost five-year-old in a five point harness
    for as long as possible!

  • Rachel Leff

    I would love a car seat! My little munchkin is just about to outgrow his bucket seat! From looking at your website we would choose a Diono Radian, seems like a great car seat!

  • Would love a second Britax!

  • Jessica

    Congrats on 5k! This is an invaluable resource. Our britax is almost expired and we really need a new one!

  • Wow! What a great giveaway! I’d love a new Frontier CT. We have one for my 6 year old and love it! My son’s Marathon expires this year and I’m not ready to move the older child out of a harness!

  • Stephanie Bruvall

    I would like a FF harnessed seat for my four year old in our second vehicle I which is a truck. She currently has an Olympian FF in my car and a Roundabout FF in the truck, but that seat will soon be passed down to my 9 month old boy. I don’t mind moving the Britax between vehicles RF but would like to leave something installed FF in the truck to avoid that frustration on a regular basis.

  • mariel

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Jackie

    VI carseat techs is an awesome resource. Were hoping for a Britax rear facing seat for our growing boy to fit in our small car.

  • Chantal

    Definitely a foonf!! Only 6 months till we need a convertible!

  • mariel

    Thank you!

  • Jackie

    I don’t know which seat we want yet but we will need to move out of our bucket seat soon!

  • Alana

    Thank you! Your work here is so helpful. We’d love a Diono 🙂

  • Katie

    My 7 month old is out growing her seat and we’re going to need a new one soon, to win it would be amazing!

  • Jenya Arenson

    canadian clek would be our choice

  • we would definitely choose the clek.

  • Sandy Barlow

    My sister loved her Britax, so that is likely what I would like for my growing boy.

  • sharon bujold

    We really need a versatile car seat for the grandparents car. Versatile because it would be great if we can find one car seat to accommodate 16 months to 2 years old.

  • I would pick a rainier to keep my 3.5 year old rear facing longer as she’s hovering at 39-41 lbs and who knows what the next growth spurt will do. I want to make it to 4 like I did with my 5 year old.

  • Corina

    I would like to win a Britax click tight.

  • Rene

    I would look into the next stage seat for my daughter. Prob a ff/booster! Thanks for being AWESOME!

  • We need a second seat for B2 🙂 probably a Clek or Diono.

  • G Varn

    our long and skinny lady will soon be out of her bucket and in need of a combo seat. need something with lots of room to grown in height for rear facing, but that doesn’t take up too much room front-back in our matrix… tricky business, car seats!

  • Meghan Zannet

    Are in the process of getting a new truck, so an additional seat would be amazing!

  • Feben

    Id pick a britax marathon cuz so far thats the only one that i have tried that would fit in my car.

  • Beryl

    A Diono or Clek or I’ve got triplets that will be out of their buckets soon, we bought two Radians so we need or third seat. Not sure what would give us the best fit in an Odyssey. I’m open to suggestions!

  • Thank you for all you do for car seat safety!

  • We are having twins and cannot fit 3 across in our current new CRV. Not only do we possibly need 3 new seats one convertible for my 3 year old but we also need 2 new infant seats and a new vehicle. Please help!!

  • hayley

    A nice trim seat for babe number two who is coming any day now!!

  • Thankyou for running this amazing page! I send all of my new momma friends here as I know all their questions will be answered correctly. If I won this contest I would be getting my son the next stage seat he will be needing once he outgrows his current seat! He is very tall for his age and I would love to have a consult with you guys and get him into a seat that will continue to grow with him

  • Meghan

    New baby on the way, and my daughter would love to trade to a purple seat!

  • Just got our convertible seat based on recommendations from your site but babe #2 will be in the works shortly… 🙂 Thanks for all your work and information.

  • Vanessa G P

    I’d love a second car seat for my 4 year old. I bought an expensive Eddie Bauer seat online from Sears that is soooo difficult to tighten…I would have returned it, but I lived quite far from a Sears outlet and needed one right away. I’d love to replace the Eddie Bauer seat for one that adjusts easily. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • I would choose a convertible car seat. A new Britax clicktight or an evenflo. We are shopping for one right now as our 9 month old is getting pretty heavy in his bucket seat.

  • Amy

    We are looking at putting 3 in our CRV so probably a radian.

  • Love all the new posts lately 🙂 and the amazing poem of course

  • We would love to upgrade to a booster seat! thanks so much for the chance!

  • I think a Radian or a Diono 🙂

  • Jolan Holmes

    I would pick a britax marathon click tight

  • Congrats on 5000 likes! We would love to win a convertible car seat to replace our almost expired Alpha Omega Elite for our car for our 19 month old (I know, I know, they weren’t as bad or we didn’t know they were when we bought them for our older kids many years ago!)

    • jshapka

      Older ones had very low height (32″) and weight limits – so check and see if your 19 month old is still under those limits. And good luck!

  • We have an almost 4 year old and a 4 month old we will need two new seats for each vehicle once the baby is out of her bucket seat. We love our Britax Marathon and our Frontier CT, but are also very interested in the Diono seats 🙂

  • Ashley Hartford

    Boulevard click tight for my 8month old! It will fit in our small cars!

  • I’d pick a Clek Foonf as we’re having to fit a rear facing car seat and 2 full sized boosters into the back seat of a car so there’s a bit more room with the Clek – plus it’s a safe seat 🙂

  • Jennifer Booth

    I hope I win! I would pick a convertible car seat because we need a second one 🙂

  • Kristen

    Congrats on the 5000. I’d probably get a Britax Frontier if I won.

  • Loren

    If I won I would pick a Britax Frontier or other high harness height seat for my oldest to move into so that he can stay in a harnessed seat even longer. That way I can pass his Nautilus down to number 2 who is almost 3 and give number 2’s myride to number 3 once he grows out of the infant seat!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Breanne Reinheimer

    I love giveaways.. I need another car seat for our second car. Forward facing/booster or another convertible.. not 100% sure what the best choice would be at this time.. 🙂

  • Michael Cardozo

    Congrats on your milestone! We are in the market for a new car seat so your Facebook page is a great resource!

  • A britax click tight for one of my littles 🙂

  • Philippa Carrie

    I’d get a Clek Fllo. We have one and love it, but a second would be handy for daycare, and then when we have a second they can both be rear facing for longer.

  • Philippa Carrie

    I’d get a Clek foonf. We have one and love it, but a second would be handy for daycare, and then when we have a second they can both be rear facing for longer.

  • Karen Beck

    I would love a combination seat for Grandma’s car 🙂

  • Alyssa Melanson

    As my little girl is growing out of her infant seat, we are in the market for a convertible seat for her. I am swooning over the Clek & Diono seats but sadly they are not in my budget – it would be such a treat to win a new seat!!!

  • sarah laming

    Yay! Another chance to win a britax 🙂

  • I’m not too sure what I’d choose. I have a sureride for my first and it works great, so probably just another one for the second, who is soon to grow out of her infant carrier.

  • Jessica Slinn

    We will be needing a third car seat this summer with the arrival of our newest addition! I will probably get another Britax Marathon or Boulevard!

  • I just reread your exact wording so I change my prize, I now want a Honda Odyssey! Lol

  • Courtenay Pickford

    Yay found it!

  • Lindsay La Rose

    Our seat is expiring soon for my daughter. Would love a Britax booster 5 point harness with click tight! You guys are amazing!

  • As foster parents we never know what the new little one’s stats will be but we always need to fit 3 across. A fllo or a radian would be grate for our family.

  • Rochelle

    We recently passed down DD’s 2nd Radian to one of her little brothers, and now she can only ride in one car, we’d love to have another Radian or some sort of combo seat since she doesn’t really need the RFng anymore at 3.5, to have her be able to ride in either vehicle w/o a seat shuffle!

  • Sharon

    We need another clek!

  • I would choose a radian rxt so that my husbands car was as safe as mine 🙂

  • Jen Sandmaier

    We are looking to buy a convertible car seat and so far we really like the Clek Fllo.

  • amanda

    Gonna need another car seat soon so would love a clek.

  • I would buy another Diono for my 6 month old.

  • Kaye Holmes

    I would pick a diono or a britax clicktight

  • Kirsten Thompson

    I would love a new Boulevard CT for my 8 month old!

  • Rebecca Carstensen`

    I would love to get a foonf!

  • Anica Watts

    I would get either a britax marathon ct or diono rxt .. The ct would be great for my mom but I would like the diono fur my husbands car. Decisions!!

  • Leanna Hall

    Our daughter is about to outgrow her infant car seat. Not sure which big kid seat to get but we are currently researching. Our oldest is six so in a booster.

  • Kim Aumonier

    what a fun way to do a contest!

  • Tracey Barry

    Would love a new booster for my oldest and convertable for my youngest. 🙂

  • mickala beil

    We’d love a new seat!

  • Awesome contest 🙂 so happy to have a chance to win a new seat. I desperately need to replace my daughter’s scenera before she outgrows it rear facing.

  • We need a new seat, I’m just not sure what we want yet!

  • Kate

    I’d love a clicktight car seat for my little guy!

  • We would love to win a car seat for my 3-year-old, shes in need of a new car seat:)

  • Maia Mayea

    Hate my Akpha Omega and would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Graco MyRide 65!!!

  • I would love to win a carseat for my 3-year-old >> We would love to acquire an Britax Pioneer booster seat.

  • Ashlee

    This is an awesome idea!

  • would love a clek fllo!! baby #2 is on its way :)thank you vi carseat techs for all these contests!

  • katherine Leong

    Thank you for all you do to keep little ones safe! Congrats on reaching 5k!

  • Jessica Bradford

    Would love a Diono. Only seat that fits 3 across in our car.Thanks

  • Perfect timing! We are looking into getting a new car seat with a new one on the way 🙂

  • Jackie

    Our little guy will be outgrowing the bucket seat soon. Winning would help us splurge on the more costly car seat with the nice extras. We are fans if the Britax products.

  • Sunshine H

    I would ask for your advice (of course) but would be looking for a harnessed booster that is easy to maneuver into multiple vehicles since we don’t have our own vehicle, but occasionally get rides with friends etc.

  • Tina Quade

    Oooh! It’s like Christmas! I don’t know exactly what model I want, but a convertible 7-40lb is what I need! Any suggestions for a tiny backseat (Yaris hatchback) is appreciated.

  • i would get another frontier ct. i got one today, and holy mother of god, it’s amazingly easy to install. and it’ll fit my daughter until she’s 47.

  • Kimberly

    love this contest! Good luck everyone!

  • Stacy Leger

    I’d pick a Graco snug ride for my new niece or nephew arriving this summer!!

  • Lianna

    Would love a new car seat for my 16 month old. Had to go back to work early which we weren’t expecting due to finances

  • Skye McBride

    Winning a convertible carseat for our daughter would be amazing! We would really appreciate the opportunity to win one. Also shout out to Langford fire department for helping install the newborn carseat!

  • A Frontier for my tiny 6 year old in my husbands truck 🙂

  • Heather Pye

    I would choose a new car seat as my one year old doesn’t seem to like his very much!

  • tamara

    3 kids in car seats, 2 expire in a year, and we need a booster for our oldest. This would be awesome to win!

  • Frontier CT, but I’d settle for an Argos/Nauti!

  • Catherine Ramey

    Oooohhh…so much choice! Well, as we’re looking to purchase seat #7 for my son (he keeps outgrowing them!), a nice, tall combination seat would be ideal.

    Keep up the amazing work, folks! You’ve helped keep innumerable children safer in their car seats!

  • Manon Boileau

    a new seat for my almost 8 month old…. Tall babies and G3/4 Britax meant not rf big brother as long as we’d have hoped….

  • Tracey

    I need a couple of small backless boosters as spares. My needs are few!

  • We are having our first baby this coming July and are overwhelmed with the car seat options! Winning one would be fabulous! I have been highly recommended a Chicco brand seat but I am not sure which one will be best for us! Please help 🙂

  • Stephanie Nagy

    My youngest will be outgrowing his bucket seat soon, so I would love to win a convertible that would give us leg room in the front seat while RF!

  • Sasha

    Yay for (almost) 5K! You guys rock!

  • Oh I love your contests. Time to hunt for the entry form.

  • Melissa

    Love this contest! My big guy (only 4 but over 50lbs and almost 47″ tall) is close to out growing his current seat. And we are looking for a dedicated high back booster that will last til he’s nine…..

  • What a great contest!

  • I think I would chose a Britax Frontier for my DD if I won. But perhaps something for my DS instead He has more years to go in seats.

  • I would love to get a new diano radian seat. My littlest needs a new seat soon and this is the only one that fits in my car rear facing:)

  • Amber Soulliere

    Something for the baby, likely clicktight. Darn recalled via seat.

  • Yoko

    Would love a clek foonf for my daughter to match her brother 🙂

  • You can not allow my previous comment as Amber Soulliere – I suck at these things. This will be easier.

    Something for the baby, clicktight Advocate/boulevard. Darn recalled via seat.

  • Courtney

    I would be a happy with any rf car seat for my 20 month old:)

  • Either a Fllo to try out for my rear facing 2yr old or a second radian to make having 6 kids in one vehicle fit better!

  • Catherine Dollemont

    I *need* a frontier but I think I’d have to pick a boulevard CT!

  • I think I’d go with an Argos or Frontier, it’s a hard decision!

  • We’d love to have a correctly installed seat in each vehicle! This give away would help make that possible!

  • Hope

    SO excited, love your contests!

  • Cait Gunn

    I would probably pick a Britax, but I’d be curious to try a Diono for rear facing fit in my hatchback first. Thanks for the contest!

  • Catherine O

    My son is almost ready for a booster. So I will be winning a HBB for him. 🙂

  • Barb

    Oh how I would love to keep my three year old in a new car seat/booster as long as possible

  • Deanna Miller

    Would love a seat for my 5 year old that would fit in the captains chairs of my Enclave!

  • Amelia

    I’d love a seat with nice high RF limits for this baby (not even born yet!) to move into after she outgrows her infant seat. Daddy is tall with a long torso so I don’t think our Marathon will last her long. Maybe a Diono

  • Elaine HW

    I would probably get a LATCHable booster for my 8yo who keeps. forgetting. to. buckle. it. when. he. gets. out. Or maybe a good convertible to give to a local low income family

  • In desperate need of a new cahir for my daughter , looking at a britax frontier!! would be soo great!

  • Nick

    Would love a new britax or a diono rainier as our britax is about to expire!!!!

  • Brianne

    Would love a Britax Frontier as my daughters next stage car seat!

  • Skye McBride

    It sure adds up! It would be such a help winning this car seat. So exciting!

  • Kim

    Going car shopping today. Next is car seat shopping for my little guy who is outgrowing his bucket seat. Hoping it all goes well. I’ve been reading lots on the site for tips and advice.

  • Love your website. Would love to win a new car seat!

  • I have some boosters & a MyRide expiring this year. So right now I’m thinking Britax Parkway 🙂

  • I’d probably choose a Radian RXT so that I could get my 3rd row van 3 across to work on the odd occasion that I need it.

  • I would probably get another Diono Radian RXT. They are so great for air travel!

  • Katrina Reyna

    My LO is growing out of his infant seat and i want to ERF till 50 lbs 🙂

  • Rhea Harriman

    Need a combo car seat/booster for my 3 year old, would like a britax pinnacle but can’t afford it right now!

  • donna garrison

    We are in need of a new carseat, as I dislike the one we have, with a passion!!!!!

  • Katie Newton

    Love your page!! So helpful!

  • Kimberley MacDougald

    I would love another Diono for my husbands car. But if thats not in the budget, I would love the Clek Travel bag so I can use it to sotre my stuff for clinics 🙂

  • I’d choose a clicktight or a clek fllo. Need a convertible seat for this New LO. 🙂

  • C Beeson

    I would love a Britax Frontier for my son 🙂

  • What a fun contest! My new little lady is growing like a bad weed and will likely outgrow her bucket sooner than originally expected!

  • Great contest. I am in need of a convertible car seat for my 15 month old son – not sure what the best fit would be for my husband’s small car. I’ve heard great things about the cleck flo seats.

  • Shannon

    I would get a booster seat, not sure which one yet!

  • Stephanie Penney

    Boulevard click tight! Great contest idea:)

  • Skye McBride

    My husband drives a tiny car and we can’t afford the upgrade any time soon so a convertible that fits properly would be amazing. Our daughter will be out of her Infant seat shortly. This would be amazing!

  • Sabrina Jones

    I am hoping for a second convertible seat for the grandparents’ car when I go back to work! …thinking about the Britax Boulevard Clicktight!

  • Kelsie

    We just upgraded our seats so I would get my sister a convertible with high limits as she has big kids and I want the new baby to be able to rf as long as possible.

  • amanda smith

    Awesome ! Love your website and safety tips and keeping me up on recalls on seats .
    Would love to win this contest

  • Anna W

    I would love a Diono seat for my son because they are slim and his hand me down seat he is using now is so cramped in my car with my other two in boosters.

  • Danielle D.

    “Car or booster seat” hmm, that’s a hard one…. I’ll take the car 😉
    Ok, we’d love a car seat. I think either the britax or diono as those are the only seats that work in our vehicle. Probably a britax though.
    Thanks for hosting a contest.

  • My little one is growing so fast he’s going to be out of his bucket by the time he’s 6 months old. I’d like to get home the a Radian or Britax CT so I can RF for as long as possible.

  • Karen McNeil

    I would love to have a Graco Affix for my booster ready child!

  • Andrea Cake

    Love this website:)))

  • Glenda Hamm

    I’d love a clek for my husbands truck!

  • Kristy brown

    We need a booster for our daughter

  • Linnea Schellenberg

    I have to do more research before deciding what I would pick if I won. I’ve received so much valuable information from this website. Thanks to all of you for your hard work in providing information to the masses.

  • I would love the britax blvd ct for my daughter. It is on of the only ones that fits in my car

  • Thank you for keeping me updated on car seat safety!

  • Denise

    We would like anything that allows us to have our dd rear facing as long as possible.

  • Domenique

    I’m going to be switching the kids to booster. They’ve simply find the convertibles they have uncomfortable at this point.

  • Tracy

    I would choose a Britax Boulevard or Advocate ClickTight!

  • SaraD

    We need a higher harness seat for my son in Nanas car, hes not ready to booster yet.