Camels Came Knocking

Car seat techs are a funny bunch. For fun we do things like check online stores for sales. Once we found a spectacular deal on Graco MyRides for $88 and several hundred of you bought one – score!


So imagine the frenzy that ensued when this showed up:


Walmart order


That’s right. $3.94 for a car seat that is usually in the neighbourhood of $250.  It’s not our favourite seat because it’s quite large rear-facing at lower weights, and the booster fit isn’t great — but when used properly it’s just as safe as any other seat.


So one tech, intending to donate them all to a seat giveaway program, ordered a whole bunch.


Walmart order2


She was a bit perplexed because the shipping weight on her order confirmation was quite low. She wondered if the order would be canceled due to the obvious error. But who knows. She waited.


And then this showed up at her door.




Obviously 8 car seats would never fit in a box so small. What was inside?  Camels. CAMELS! 8 of them.





What’s a gal to do with eight camels? Why — make camel jokes of course!

Canadian techs chat, learn and support each other in a private group called CCSN, the Canadian Car Seat Network. Too easy.



We wondered how many would fit 3-across in a car.

We wondered if the non-elite version (it was the “elite” version that was on sale for $3.94) lacked any camel humps and was actually a horse.

Want your own $3.94 “car seat?” It’s still here, but sadly out of stock. No camels for you.

Another tech managed to buy one before it sold out online, but she hasn’t received hers yet. We’re all waiting anxiously, wondering if she’ll get a car seat or a camel. Odds are on the camel.

Have a camel joke to tell us…somehow related to car seats? Please, tell us. You’ll make our day.

Update: turns out camels are quite popular on the internet.


Camel statue in China.


Camel crossing sign. Huh.
Camels and their shadows in a stunning National Geographic photograph.