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Foonfreview05It was a very exciting day a few weeks ago when I arrived home to find this little beauty sitting on my front porch. The day had finally come: our inaugural seat review. And what better seat to start things off with than one we’ve been hearing about for ages, but rarely get our hands on! Let me introduce you to the Clek Foonf, and all the ways we’ve gotten to know each other over the past little while as I put it through its paces to really test it out.

Foonf was designed to accommodate a rear-facing child able to sit upright with good head control and who is 25-43″ tall and 14-40lbs, and a forward-facing child who is at least one year old, 30-49″ tall, and 22-65lbs. Clek advocates for rear facing to the limits of the seat, with age two as a minimum goal before turning forward facing. Foonf can accommodate even the largest of children rear facing for quite some time past that age two threshold. Update: the Infant Thingy, available as a separate add-on to the Foonf, now enables use from birth…and it’s awesome.

Some interesting features of the Foonf I was keen to explore: anti-rebound bar, rigid UAS, Crypton fabric, narrow width, nice smooth seat bottom that will be kind to vehicle upholstery, gorgeous colours, and trendy prints.


The primary seat tester for our Foonf is this three year old (and me of course). Her favourite colour has been blue for…well, forever. There was a back order on the denim-like Blue Moon cover and my second choice was Flamingo, a striking bright pink on black. Conveniently for everyone said three year old decided the day before the box arrived that she no longer liked blue and PINK was her favourite. I didn’t tell her about the colour change until she opened the box and discovered it herself!

I wanted to evaluate both fit-to-child, and fit-to-vehicle. That’s hard to do and boring all in one picture, so here are some kid pictures first. They’re obviously the most interesting, and luckily I have some super cute kid testers who were willing to be my car seat models.



Main tester: just turned 3, 35lbs, 40″ tall with a long torso, 97th percentile for height. She’s outgrown almost everything else rear-facing so I was especially thrilled to see she still has about two inches in torso height or about three inches in overall height, or 5lbs, before outgrowing Foonf in the rear-facing mode. I’m optimistic that will get us at least through the winter. Lots of leg room for her to stretch out. She’s on the 3rd harness slot from the top but close to moving up to the 2nd from the top.



Same child, forward-facing. She’s on the 2nd harness slot from the top which is just a hair above her shoulders. This being her first (and only, for quite some time yet!) forward-facing ride she didn’t know what to do with her feet and discovered there’s ample room to cross her legs.



Tester #2: just turned 5, 48lbs, and 45″ tall. He’s on the top harness slot with about 1/2″ to grow. There’s enough harness length left to buckle him easily. He had adequate shoulder room and could easily get into the seat and his arms into the harness, while wearing his car seat safe outerwear.



Tester #3. At almost six she usually rides in a booster and did not enjoy being back in a harness, even for a quick photo. She still had about 1/4″ of harness height left though, despite having outgrown many other harnessed seats on the market. Miss Grumpy’s only complaint was the shortness of the crotch buckle. She likes to buckle and unbuckle herself but couldn’t. Thankfully Clek has listened to consumer feedback and is about to release a new crotch buckle for their 2014 seats, with a replacement available for purchase for those already with a Foonf. The new buckle will have two lengths and the longer option will be usable in the outer crotch buckle position, solving the problem for bigger kids.

My 22-month old tester wouldn’t allow a photo that didn’t include crying; he thought I was taking him with me, and although his parents were able to get him in and buckled I don’t like torturing children for the purposes of testing a seat. Sorry little guy.



Tester #4 is six months old, 15lbs, and 28″ long. She was in between the lowest and second-lowest harness slot. She fit really nicely in the seat, and with the head rest on the lowest setting and the seat in full recline for her age it was compact enough to sit comfortably in front of it in a small sedan. The belly pad is required for the under-22lb crowd for those observant readers who might have noticed its absence in all photos except for this one. Main tester #1 pulls the belly pad off of every seat she rides in, so thankfully it’s optional at that higher weight.



Tester #5 is here to show that Foonf is NOT for small babies – not without the Infant Thingy anyway. The minimum of 14lbs, 25″ and sitting is a very appropriate minimum and I appreciate that Clek doesn’t claim to fit every child from birth to booster. This little helper is 7 weeks old and much too short — his shoulders are well below the lowest harness slot and we didn’t even try to buckle him. He was trying to convince his older brother (crying 22-month old) to try it out, but alas, to no avail.

Overall impressions of fit to child: Very realistic height and weight specs for the bottom and top end of the spectrum. The smallest child I tried forward-facing was the large three year old. Given Clek’s and our stance on rear-facing to the limits of the seat a person buying a Foonf should be encouraged to do just that, and be prepared to easily rear-face their child to age 3-4 if not longer. Forward-facing longevity was surprising as the older testers have outgrown other seats, and for all but the tallest or long torsoed kids it’s reasonable to expect Foonf to last to booster readiness. It’s important to remember that each child is different and due to their shape might fit a seat, or not, that a tape measure might indicate they’ve outgrown. My only complaint — the short crotch buckle — is being rectified now and I’m pleased that Clek was responsive to consumer feedback. The harness height adjustment is straightforward and similar to many other brands of seats, and the harness adjuster was the smoothest I’ve ever tried. Anyone who’s ever been frustrated by an uncooperative adjuster might swoon when trying Foonf out.

How about fit-to-car? You might have noticed that this is a big seat. It’s tall, it sits up high on a base, and weighs in at a hefty 36lbs. I gave myself a workout, a stern reminder to lift with my legs, and had a go in a variety of vehicles both rear- and forward-facing, and installed with UAS or seat belt. In all photos the head rest is fully extended showing maximum height.

’03 Civic, and ’03 Odyssey in the 3rd row and 2nd row. Excellent fit overall. A range of angles is permitted when installing rear-facing, and the installed angle can be adjusted by shifting how the Foonf snugs up to the vehicle seat; depending entirely on the geometry of the vehicle seat it was sometimes easier to manipulate it with the seat belt instead of UAS. Before using this seat I was concerned with how high it sat in the vehicle – would I be able to lift my daughter into it and would she be able to climb in? Not a problem. Although the seat itself sits up high the sides are low, so it’s a straight-across movement with a child rather than hoisting up and over a deep shell. After a few tries the 3-year old perfected her climbing-in motion and now quickly scampers up on her own.

Foonfreview08 Foonfreview07 Foonfreview06

’12 Focus in the centre and then driver’s side outboard, and ’98 Taurus wagon. In a small car like the Focus the Foonf was a much nicer fit rear-facing in the centre. The shape of it seems to be made to nestle in between the driver’s and passenger’s seats, leaving ample room for a long-legged 5’8″ driver like myself. Foonf is also very 3-across friendly, easily taking the place of the narrow infant seat that usually occupies its spot in the ’98 Taurus. For those with long buckle stalks in their vehicle the Foonf is an ideal choice with its high belt path.

Foonfreview14 Foonfreview16Foonfreview18

Fit forward-facing was excellent. The high, narrow centre hump in an ’03 Civic was no barrier to successful installation. Its forward-facing height certainly fills a rear-view mirror but no more than an adult passenger or high back booster would. Head rest interference is likely to be minimal due to the shape of the Foonf at the top. Two thumbs up for forward-facing fit!

Foonfreview30 Foonfreview29 Foonfreview25

Clek has recently come out with instructions for installing with UAS and seat belt at the same time. Woah, you say. That’s not right. Right? Due to recent American changes (that will likely trickle north eventually) in total allowable weight of child+car seat when using the lower anchors it’s becoming impossible to use lower anchors for as long as many would like. As the Foonf was developed with some very interesting energy management technology in the form of the REACT cartridge, and the full benefit of REACT isn’t realized unless the seat is installed with the super-duper-easy rigid UAS connectors, Clek tested the seat when installed with both systems. Provided the car doesn’t forbid doing so and there is no /overlap of the rigid UAS and the belt it’s a great solution to UAS limits that will no doubt eventually make their way to Canada.

Foonfreview31 Foonfreview32

A few other features: Foonf comes with Crypton fabric on most of its covers, making clean-up easy. I poured some milk on the belly pad to test it out – it beads up easily. After rubbing it in I was then easily able to wipe it clean with a cloth. Good news for kids who are spilly. Straight out of the box the Foonf comes with quite a few parts, with most of the extras required for rear-facing. Thankfully they’re all nicely labeled for easy identification. The smooth-bottomed base of the seat will be very friendly to vehicle upholstery.

Foonfreview19 Foonfreview12 Foonfreview13

Clek is unique among manufacturers in that they have eye-catching, trendy covers on their seats that consumers seem to either love or hate. The Paul Frank (Julius the Monkey) covers are discontinued and are being replaced by Tokidoki prints. Not something I was familiar with before seeing them on a Foonf I have to admit they’re growing on me. They would certainly hide dirt amazingly well and you could play ‘I Spy’ for hours!

Print 062513_tokidoki-punk-FINAL 062513_tokidoki-travel-FINAL

Foonf is heavy, has a lot of parts to manage when switching between rear and forward facing, and comes with a hefty price tag. It’s not a seat I’d pick to truck around an airport or onto an airplane (although it’s approved for aircraft use and others have done it with success!), not a seat I’d want to move between vehicles on a daily basis, or frequently switch between rear- and forward-facing modes.

Foonfreview35However…it’s also got rebound management in the form of an anti-rebound bar, rigid UAS, built-in lock-offs that make a seat belt install as easy as with UAS if not easier at times, super specs for rear-facing and forward-facing longevity, striking covers, is made in Canada, is good for nine years before expiry, and is overall extremely awesome. It has absolutely earned its spot on our list of favourite infant/child seatsIf I was seat shopping today and budget was no issue it would top my list. As always we recommend trying a seat in a vehicle first, and your child in the seat, to ensure it suits YOU, because no one seat is perfect for everyone.


Thank you to Clek for providing the Foonf used in this review. All opinions are our own.


Thank you also to Clek for giving away a Foonf in a solid colour to one lucky reader in Canada! Woo hoo!

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    My husband (who is an engineer) and I did two months of research before deciding that the Foonf was the carseat for us (in spite of the limited data due to the recent release of the product). After a ridiculous wait after trying to buy from (they repeatedly pushed out the delivery date without any warning) we cancelled our Amazon order and elected to purchase the seat from a reputable local brick and mortar retailer. We were highly committed to the Foonf as we had come to believe that it would offer our child the best protection in an accident and the longest option to remain rear-facing.
    We had the seat professionally installed, but immediately noticed what sounded like a bolt rattling from the interior of the seat. This sound was markedly different from the sound of loose straps left to dangle). Both the retailer and I engaged Foonf in a discussion and they agreed to replace the seat. When we arrived at the installer’s facility (the installer is affiliated with the retailer), he removed the new Foonf from the box and started to test the product pre-installation.
    I was shocked when he told me that he would not install it: that there was a grinding sound associated with testing the straps. I was hugely disappointed and he called the retailer to advise them of this development. I then got on the phone with the retailer, who advised me that if I were to attempt a third seat, it would be a final option. Should we discover the third seat to be defective, they would no longer support us and we would be on our own with a $500 defective carseat.
    I was hugely upset (as we had convinced ourselves that this was the safest option for our child), and called Foonf on the spot. I managed to get through to Samantha in customer service, who adopted the same position as the retailer. If there was a third defective seat, we would be on our own. I thought this to be an unreasonable position and on the advise of the certified professional carseat technician, bought a Britax on the spot. I remain uneasy and uncertain about the choice: our daughter is 85th% for height and weight. I wonder how long we’ll be able to keep her rear facing.
    Overall, this was a tremendously disappointing experience and I truly hope that Clek can address its’ manufacturing and customer service challenges so that it can focus on delivering (what I still believe) to be a great product.

    • jshapka

      I’m sorry to hear you had a poor experience Stephanie. I do know that Clek is very committed to delivering a quality product, and works very hard to get accurate information about their products into the hands of techs and parents in the form of a dedicated Children’s Restraint Systems Instructor-Trainer (the highest attainable certification in Canada) on staff as their Child Passenger Safety advocate. Without knowing any further details of your situation I hesitate to comment further on the certification or experience of the Installer, or what the initial rattling might have been (sometimes internally things rattle if you hit just the right frequency on any seat). It is also possible that you had the unfortunate luck to have two defective seats, which seems immensely unfair. Your daughter might last a good long time in the seat you have if her height is in her legs – my tall niece who is a similar size and age to the main tester in this review still fits in a Britax Marathon rear-facing while the main tester outgrew it about 15 months ago. The shape of the child matters tremendously when talking about fit to seat.

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    I would love to check out the Foonf, I want to see if I can squeeze 3 across in the backseat of my Odyssey! Looks like its a great seat!

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  • Katherine

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  • Tanya V

    I just ordered one for my 9 month old daughter, but I would love to switch my 3 year olds seat out for one as well 🙂

  • I’m entering to win one for a friend that recently had a baby! I believe a quality seat is the best present.

  • Great article, Thanks for the review. We love Foonf too!

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    I’m so excited for the foonf! The safety features alone are enough! Id use it for my 2 year old daughter!

  • trish

    a very good looking seat

  • Would love to have another 3 across friendly seat so my 3 year old could pass his Radian down to his baby brother 🙂 Thanks for the review

  • I would love love love a Foonf for my 21 month old son! He is in the 97th percentile for height and 45th for weight so he is tall and skinny. He is 25lbs and still rear facing happily in his Britax but it only goes rear facing up to 30lbs and I do NOT want to turn him around! I want to keep him rear facing for as long as possible. I even asked my parents for a Foonf for my birthday to give to my son! That’s how much I want this seat lol I love it and it would look beautiful in my car.

  • Lara

    Wow! A super safe super easy to clean seat with a view Sounds Perfect for my tall fast growing 7mo!

  • Athena Forbes

    With another on the way I would LOVE to be able to keep my three older ones in 5 point harnesses all three across one seat without have to switch to boosters!

  • Love the prints and extended rear facing! If it didn’t cost souch, I’d get one for sure!

  • Zahra

    I’d love to win a Foonf. I’m thinking of getting a second car seat and move our current Radian to “rover” status, for the times when we need to use another vehicle than our own: friend’s car, rental car, my mom’s car… A Foonf would be perfect as a “permanent” car seat.

  • The Clek Foonf is amazing! Well worth the price tag.

  • Melissa Cudal

    LOVE this seat! It would be perfect for my 10 month old.

  • There are so many reasons to love the Foonf, its basically the Mercedes Benz of car seats. With ERF, easy install, and so many other amazing features, its the best seat to keep your child safe. We have our 20 month old in one and would love to have our petite 4 year old in one too!

  • Lindsay

    We have a foonf and love it. Started using it at 11 months.

  • laura

    would love this for our almost 8 month daughter! we want to keep her rear facing as long as possible and this looks like the perfect seat for her use well into her toddler years.

  • Amanda O'Connell

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  • Britt

    I have had my eye on this seat since my daughter was born six months ago. I love the height of it and the ability to rear face up to 40 lbs. I definitely want to be able to rear face as long as possible ( wear hoping to make it until she is at least three) Thanks for offering such a great giveaway ! Good luck to everyone!

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  • I love the large limits for rear-facing! My child is 3 years old, and about to outgrow her current rear-facing seat.

  • We are currently in the process of upgrading my 29 month old daughter to a better car seat. I love EVERY feature of the Foonf! But I think I would be most excited to see / try the rigid latch feature. If I had unlimited money I would buy this car seat in a heartbeat.

  • Vanessa Johnston

    I love everything about it! Love that I will be able to prolong
    Rear facing for my little guy for at least 2 years!
    He is 10.5 months right now!

  • I have a Foonf for my 15mos daughter. I LOVE it. And I would love one for her Grandma’s car.

  • For my 2 year old. Yes pretty covers and I could play I spy with my daughter

  • Candice Gray

    I am thrilled by the idea of ERF. With my oldest, I had never even heard of it & we turned him at the RF limits of our Eddie Bauer convertible seat (which was slightly before a year old) My youngest is approaching a year now, and he’s also approaching the RF limits, but I’d love to keep him RF much longer.
    The baby I’d use this on is 11months old on the 12th 🙂

  • Kelly MacFarlane

    A Foonf would be perfect for my still-rear-facing two-year-old…would love to win one 🙂

  • Kristin B

    I would LOVE to win the Clek Foonf for my son who is turning 1 this month. He is in the 95% for his heigh so having a Clek Foonf will keep him the safest in the rear-facing position the longest.

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    Looks like a great car seat! I am currently comparing different models for our next car seat and this one looks like it deserves some serious consideration.

  • Natalie

    Excellent review! My 4yo would use the seat, should we be lucky enough to be foonfed.

    • jshapka

      I LOVE it – Foonfed 🙂 Well perhaps the random number generator that picks our winners will smile upon you Natalie!

  • Brenda A.

    AAAAHHHH-mazing seat! My petite 6 year old (and I) appreciate that this seat has high weight and height limits to last for a long time to come!

  • Ashley Anness

    I’d love to get a free Foonf for my son. He’s 2 on December 3rd and is almost at the limits of one of his two seats. He’s also going to be a big brother come March 2014, so it is one less expense for us if we don’t need to buy two more car seats (as we will only need to buy one more!) I can’t afford to buy a foonf, so this would be awesome to win 🙂

  • Laura K

    Thank you for showing how it looks in a small car and rear facing with the base! This is the seat I want to get but want sure how it might fit. I’m going to be testing it at the store soon but this gives me hope that it might work as opposed to our unfortunate test of the Diono RadianRXT. My girl is tall with a long torso so I’m wanting to get the best seat possible to keep her facing as long as possible!

  • Theresa Cledomin

    i would love the Foonf as it would allow me to re-RF my 27m old and also down the road, keep his little brother ERF. He made it to just over 2 years RF in his current seat and buying a seat that would allow him to continue to RF is just not in the budget.

  • Erika

    I appreciate the variety of ways and children you tried this to give a very comprehensive overview of the Foonf in action. Thanks for highlighting the Canadian side of things as well!

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  • Mariya

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  • Bailey-Eileen Dexter-Parr

    Rebound management in the form of an anti-rebound bar, rigid UAS, built-in lock-offs that make a seat belt install easy just one reason why I like this one!

  • britney slaz

    I would love this carseat. I was actually researching this one last week as the next size up for my 8 week old.

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  • Michelle Leone

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  • nicolthepickle

    I really like that it’s made of Crypton fabric. Most car seats have some good things. That’s a bonus!

  • Lauren

    Saw the Foonf on another blog and they had a 1 year old forward facing in it. WHY spend all that $$$ if not to rear face I would love to win one, as purchasing one is just not in my budget. Thanks for the opportunity!

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    this seat looks pretty amazing it would be perfect for my light weight 4 year old 🙂

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    This seat looks amazing! I have three girls..ages 5, 2,5 and 1 years old! I’m not sure which one I would use it with, but it would definetly get used!!

  • I would love this seat for our daughter – she is going to be 3 next week and is currently in a BLVD RFing.. she still has ample growth room but she isn’t a comfy as she once was given the shorter leg room of the Britax. This seat would keep her RFing and happy!

  • I would love to try one of these out – I didn’t know about them until after I purchased our existing seat.


    Love all the great safety features and I would use it for my 3 year old son

  • Lindsay Sorensen

    I like all the prints it comes in. I would use it with my son when he outgrows his carrier seat

  • Andrea Amy

    My son is big for his age, and even though he is only 3 and a half I am having an issue find a seat that he can fit into with the harness as I feel he’s too young for a booster. Sounds like this would solve the problem, so I am going to keep my fingers crossed.

  • Colleen

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  • Suzanne K

    I am hoping this will work for a tall one year old (my granddaughter) who when she doesn’t want to be in the car is very hard to put in with a short crotch strap. I like that they are making an option of lengthening it.

  • Graeme

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  • We would use this with our 2.5 year old! I love how narrow it is!

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  • crypton fabric is awesome since we tend to feed the kids snacks on longer car rides

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  • I love the large rear facing limits!

  • Trish

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    I would love to get my hands on one. even to just play with! Im so amazed about this giveaway! my 3yr old would still be able to RF (outgrown most all canadian RF seats in budget) 🙁 So I would love to have her in this!

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  • melissa evans

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  • Kimberly Viksush

    It looks so comfortable, I like that they are tall and on the narrow side!
    I would use this beauty for my 4 month, when we out grow the infant car seat!

  • Roxi Z

    Thank you for this review! Foonf has been on my list for my 9 month old daughter in our main car! I love that it will still fit as she grows and that you can by covers! perfect with my messy little monkey! We would love to win one! I don’t think I’ve seen one on sale yet! 😉
    Now to find a cheaper alternate for Daddy’s truck and grandparents car!

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    My daughter is 19 months old and I have been dreaming of this seat for awhile. My favourite feature is the rebound bar and seat belt clips since our car is older and does not have the “latch” system.

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  • Sosan

    Awesome review! Very thorough. I like that it seems like it would harness a tall child for a long time and that is has a very narrow base which I need to fit three across the backseat of my car. I also like the smooth base you mentioned, my radian leaves the awful marks in my seats. The child that would be riding in the seat is 2.5 and 30lbs

  • Lillian

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  • Trina

    Whoops, I didn’t actually answer the question! What excites me about the Foonf is that it has so many great safety features AND sounds easy to install. We love our Radians but easy to install in our vehicles they are NOT. I wish the Foonf would RF to 45 lbs like the Radian (or more), but I think I would still love it. I would use it for my 2 year old, 33 lb, 35 inch daughter. The easy adjuster sure would be nice 🙂

  • Stephanie langille

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  • Jason Hartl

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  • cynthia

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  • Birte Paschen

    I’ve heard and read so much about this car seat. I still regret going with the car seat we did for our daughter. It just isn’t as solid as our son’s seat.
    Winning a car seat would finally get that seat replaced, it would be fantastic!

  • Jennifer

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  • I like the narrowness of it. I have 1, 3, and 5yos who would be able to use the seat 🙂

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  • Nathalie

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  • my daughter is 20 months and would love this for ERFING!!

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