Vanessa Ritchie


164Vanessa is a mom to three girls, living in Victoria BC. She is trained as a Community Support Worker, and now does daycare in her home. Vanessa first became interested in car seat safety when her first child outgrew her infant/child seat at the age of 2, and then much research went into the next purchase of a car seat.  As she learned more about car seats and began reading more on parenting forums, Vanessa became the go-to among her friends when they had car seat questions. Once she began running a daycare Vanessa spent much more time researching both vehicles and car seats knowing she would need to find the right options to suit different children and fit them in her vehicle (which often has 5-6 seats in it at any one time).  Vanessa began looking for a course to become a tech in 2009, but was unsuccessful until taking the CPSAC course in January 2012. Vanessa volunteers doing private checks and clinics in Victoria, and has spoken to groups in the community about car seat safety.  Vanessa looks forward to learning more and continuing to help others keep their children safe.

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