How do I dispose of an expired or crashed seat?

Keep the cover off the seat if you want, for use or for sale for another identical seat, but everything else including the harness should be destroyed or recycled. Sometimes a local car seat technician might like the seat to use for training purposes, and we have exemptions to use seats for this purpose from Health Canada. Some areas have recycling depots that will take old car seats. Otherwise, it will need to be thrown out. Cut the straps and padding, write “Crashed, do not use” on the shell, even take a hammer or a saw to it, and bag it up so it isn’t obvious what it is.

As of this writing, our understanding is that the following places may recycle old car seats, but please call ahead to confirm. In most cases, all the metal, foam, webbing, etc, must be separated, and not all places listed will take all parts. (The cover and harness are not recyclable, though the cover may be reused on an identical seat. Cut the harness straps and dispose of them.)

In Victoria:

Pacific Mobile Depots will recycle a car seat for a fee of $5. The foam and metal bits must be separated from the car seat in advance, but can be recycled as well. The harness webbing and cover must be removed and cannot be recycled.

Syntal Products takes booster and car seats for free, but only the plastic parts and all other parts must be stripped.

Hartland Landfill & Recycling

reFUSE – The Repot will take car seats for $10 per item. Call for details on whether parts must be stripped off.

We currently know of no other places on Vancouver Island that regularly take car seats, but occasionally there are places that will host recycling events.

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