Ode to the Harmony Youth Booster

pink Harmony black Harmony purple harmony

Harmony once made a seat20150822_114256_resized
Simple, lightweight, pretty neat
It came in pink and tan and grey
Purple, black, more on the way?

It fits in really tiny spots,
Pick up one, or buy lots.
For carpooling, or every day
Quite important, you might say.

Route the belt, remove the slack,
Remind them always to sit back.
It makes the seat belt fit just so,
Snug on the hips, nice and low.

It’s comfy, padded, sleek and slim,
Fits really well on her and him!
Sit up tall, nice and straight,George
Maturity matters, there’s no debate.

Boosters aren’t for everyone,
Although they might seem kind of fun.
Wiggly kiddos? Under five?
Consider a harness for the drive.

Boosters for 40lb+ kids who are
Able to sit well in the car.
Use the booster, we do request,
Until they pass the Five Step Test.

VF Booster


Are we silly? Yes. Did we get your attention? We hope so, even if it took some lame rhymes to do so! Is the Harmony Youth Booster (aka Lite Rider, its old name) the only booster we like? Of course not! Belt fit is what matters 🙂