How Far Goes the Argos? Graco Argos Review & Giveaway!

Argos stock picUPDATE (summer 2016): the Argos has been discontinued by Graco, and replaced with an updated Nautilus that merges the best features of both! Check for it in stores!


Having loved and recommended the Graco Nautilus for many years for its high harness height and weight and its ability to transform into a high-back and then a backless booster, we were delighted when Graco sent us the newest child/booster seat in their line up: the Argos.  The fashion currently available in Canada is Link, available for purchase from, Babies R Us,  and Sears Canada, retailing for $289.99. Highlights:fabric detail The Argos is a forward-facing only seat that later converts to a booster — important to note that it does not rear-face.  The Argos’ grey cover is smooth and silky with an added accent of beige polka-dotted trim.  It’s comfy and well-padded, more so than an older Nautilus in our collection.  The memory foam is sure to make any child’s derriere happy! It comes with harness covers, a crotch buckle cover and an optional body support cushion that must be removed by 35lbs.  We did find the crotch buckle cover slightly fussy as it has a minimal amount of velcro on it, and didn’t stay attached as a child was removed.  The built in cup holder and cubbies are perfect for snacks and small, soft toys in the car.  The smooth bottom of the seat plays nicely with upholstery, leather included.   The no-rethread harness is the most significant difference from the Nautilus, and what we are most excited about! From high to low in seconds – voila! Argos2Argos   Height & Weight Limits: Harness mode:  22-65lbs, 27-49”, 1 year of age, capable of sitting up alone.Argos1 High-back booster:  40-100lbs, 40-57”, age 4-10 Backless booster:  40-120lbs, 40-57”, age 4-10 Seat Dimensions and Measurements: Highest Harness slot:  18.5” Lowest Harness slot: 14” Top Height of Booster Shoulder Belt Guide: 20” Crotch strap slots (2): 6”(inner) and 7”(outer) Internal seat depth:  13.5” Internal Side to Side seat width: 12” Back of seat height to top of handle:  34” Widest point across: 20” Useful life (expiry): ten years Features: No-rethread harness (adjust harness height on the fly with a handle to squeeze and pull – great for use with multiple kids!) Harness covers to avoid irritation at the neck Comfy and padded Butter-smooth harness adjuster Cup holders (be careful of projectiles though – aim for soft things!) Hidden cubby that kids love UAS and/or tether may be used in high back booster mode (to prevent the seat from being a projectile when unoccupied; if not available in your seating location just re-buckle it instead) Comparison to Nautilus: Comparing a new seat to a familiar stand-by seems to be our m.o. so here is the obligatory side by side with the Nauti (Nautilus is pink and brown, Argos is black and tan): Argos7 Argos6 Harness Mode: While the Graco Argos is approved for use with a child of 1 year old and 22lbs we recommend keeping a child rear facing to the limits of their seat – as long as possible really, and the longer the better.  The Argos is an excellent choice for children who are ready to forward face but don’t have the maturity to move to a booster seat full time.  As you can see the fit is acceptable on this 16 month old child, but this photo was for demonstration purposes only and she will ride rear facing for years to come (by the look on her face we think she agrees…mom, what the heck?!). Argos Thea   This child is 4 years old and fit very well in the Argos. She loved the fabric and was especially enamoured by the cubby holes in the sides where she could stash her soft treasures (a perpetual favourite of children everywhere!). She said the seat was comfortable and she has lots of room left to grow in it. FF Fiona feet out cubby         The Argos still had another harness height to go with this 6.5 year old model.  She now rides in a dedicated booster but thought the seat was comfortable and soft.  She would most likely fit beyond age seven.  A Nautilus was her primary seat for some time and she found the head rest comfortable for daily use; the Argos’s head rest is comparable and may, like the Nautilus, cause “head slump” for some when sleeping. The likelihood of this is very much child-dependent, and may or may not be a deal breaker for you. Child/booster seats are naturally quite upright compared to rear-facing seats — another reason to keep kids rear facing as long as possible. By the time they are an appropriate age to ride in the Argos most can learn to sleep with their head to the side. Argos5     At 7 ½ years old, this child rides full time in a booster now, but she agreed to try out the Argos in harnessed mode. She fit with plenty of room to grow, as this is only the second-to-last setting. However, while she is average height at 49” (and at the standing height limit for harness mode), she does have a shorter-than-average torso, so this is not typical. That said, the Argos definitely has a nice, long-lasting harness that should get most kids to a good booster age. FF Meredith FF harness height   Installation of the Argos is a breeze with UAS or the seat belt.  The UAS connectors are a basic hook style and easily connected in Laura’s Honda Odyssey and Hyundai Santa Fe.  We do wish for the price they would have included some type of premium UAS connectors. However, UAS can only be used in this seat to a child weight of 42lbs, unless your vehicle places a lower child weight limit on use of lower anchors. Chances are excellent that a seat belt installation will be necessary sooner rather than later anyway. The UAS strap was easily tightened by lifting up the corner of the cover closest to the tightening mechanism while pulling the tail parallel to the webbing.  Similarly pulling up the cover closest to the buckle while locking the belt made the installation quite easy.  Lindsay even managed to get a good fit in her notoriously difficult third row of her older Kia Sedona with three full twists of the buckle stalk.  Not many seats have worked for her there. belt path   The Argos has three recline settings although the increments are small and don’t recline the seat a whole lot.  It can help align the angle of the seat to the vehicle seat though for easier installation and it is worth experimenting with when installing. recline adjustment   The beauty of the Argos over the Nautilus is the no-rethread harness.  It has 5 harness heights, the same as the harness slots of the Nautilus.  We found it very easy to adjust the harness height of the seat while it was installed.  It would be ideal for a situation where you had multiple children using a seat.  You simply push in the red adjuster button on the top of the seat while pulling up.  It is also handy for those sneaky growth spurts that children seem to have.  Just loosen the harness a bit and pull up the adjuster to the next slot.  No uninstalling and reinstalling to change harness heights.  One of the nicest things about the seat is how smoothly the harness adjusts.  It is easy and you could probably over tighten the harness without difficulty.   Booster Mode: Changing from harness to high-back booster seat was much easier than anticipated.  The manual had very clear, concise instructions and took less than five minutes.  The harness and the crotch buckle must be removed.  The manual clearly states that while in booster mode the whole bottom of the seat must be on the vehicle seat (i.e. no overhang permitted) so definitely try this before committing to the Argos if you have a shallow back seat and intend to use it in booster mode eventually.  Some truck models with extended cabs come to mind.  The seat must sit flush to the vehicle seat so if you have fixed forward-leaning head restraints it may not work in booster mode.  We always recommend you try a seat before you buy if possible. Like the Nautilus, the Argos can be used with UAS and/or tether while in high back booster mode. This is a convenience feature so don’t stress if your seating location does not have lower anchors – simply have your child re-buckle the booster when it’s unoccupied to prevent it from being a projectile. Also make sure that use of lower anchors does not interfere with adjacent seat belts, and that the vehicle’s lower anchors and seat belt align side to side. The fit of the seat belt in booster mode can be hit or miss, but as far as the booster fit of child/boosters go it’s a decent bet.  While it was acceptable for the 6.5 year old model shown here it might vary widely for children who are closer to the minimums for booster use.  The fit will very much depend on the geometry of your particular car and seat belt and the size and shape of your child, as is the case with every booster seat.  We want to see the lap belt down and low and touching the thighs, and not riding up on the belly. Argos4   Removing the back for use as a backless booster also was easy and quick.  The belt fit of the 9 year old model below was quite good although it wasn’t a lightweight option compared to many backless booster options.  While moving it from car to car isn’t a hard thing by any means it would be a heavy option for a child to tote around for carpooling or a play date.  It does come with an optional seat belt clip to use to position the shoulder belt if needed to improve the fit. HB Booster Aniela   Final Thoughts: The Graco Argos is an excellent addition to Canada’s options for child/booster seats.  Its ease of installation and use make it one of our favourite seats to recommend.  Its ease of adjusting the harness height is simple and would please many parents and caregivers.  The harness is smooth and doesn’t twist easily.  The fit and finish of the seat is very polished.  It gets the majority of kids to a safe booster age and then converts to a high-back and then backless booster.  The fit of the booster can be hit or miss with regards to the vehicle and child’s statistics.  Hopefully in the future we will see some varied cover choices.  Bottom line: two thumbs up. A great bonus of a no-rethread harness to a seat we have loved for a long time. Prize Time! Huge thanks to Graco Canada for providing this seat for review – all opinions are our own. EXTRA huge thanks because they’re giving another one away to one of YOU! Yay!  This contest is now closed! Congratulations to our winner. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Beth R.

    We have a 6 year old and a 4.5 year old and would use a seat like this in our second vehicle, where the no rethread harness would come in super handy to adjust for whichever child was riding!

  • Nice! Child would be 4.5 years 🙂

  • Melanie Ward

    I would love to have an Argos! We love our Nautiluses for our 3 1/2 and 5 year olds who use them daily, but the no-rethread harness of the Argos would come in super handy when carpooling with friends when the kids are in school!

  • Tracy R

    Thanks for the helpful, thorough review & for the chance to win a Graco Argos.

  • This would be for my 3 year old when she outgrows her Radian rf, so I can pass the Radian down to little brother to rf longer!

  • Janet W

    I love our current Graco MyRide 65. My daughter is 11 months. I’d use this seat in our second car next year when she’s old enough to forward face.

  • Abby

    Four years old or my almost two-year old – can’t decide who would get it.

  • I have a 6 year old son and 5 year old nephew, still harnessed, who would love the flexibility of harness heights this seat offers for rides in Nana and Papa’s car!

  • jamie

    I have a soon to be 3 yr old who’s about to outgrow his radian RF. Considering the Uas limits of 65lbs with a almost 40lb child and a heavy seat and the fact that a seat belt install with a radian in my car is not very compatible I’d love a new seat to take him all the way!!

  • I would use this seat for my 6 year old who is in a high back booster right now but i would much prefer he was harnessed. Also my friends 4 year old occaisionally rides in my car.

  • Janice

    I have a 6 & 4yo and know a few more people that could use this seat!

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    My son is only 4 months so we are awhile away from this, but looks like a great seat!

  • Tina

    I would use this seat for my 8 month baby.
    Looks very functional and easy to use.

    • jshapka

      Not at all suitable for an 8 month old Tina – and ideally not at all until at least age two, if not older. Rear-facing as long as possible is what we advocate for. Let us know if you need suggestions for the next stage of seat.

  • Catherine O

    My son is 5 an still under 40lbs so a nice seat like this would be very useful. Especially considering his tall torso.

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    I would love this seat for my 4.5 year old son (and he’d love it too)!

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    It would be a shared seat between a 2.5yo daycare kid (daily) and my own 6yo (for long drives). Having a no rethread harness would solve a lot of my seat arranging nightmares and constant reinstalling.

  • alex

    Would be for us! And a 4yr old friend 🙂 Would love the no thread!

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    Thanks for this great review! Very helpful! Thrilled about the no rethread harness

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    My 4 and 6 year olds could share it! LOVE the no-rethread harness!!

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    Wow looks like a great seat. My littlest is 5.5 years now and any seat that we can keep him harnessed in is great. Would love this in my husband’s truck.

  • Alison Bileske

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  • I would use it with my 4.5 year old 🙂

  • katie

    My 1 year old would love the extra room since he’s outgrown his infant seat. Seems like a good upgrade 🙂

    • jshapka

      The Argos isn’t ideal for a child transitioning out of an infant seat. Ideally we’d like to see a child rear-face as long as possible and then move to a forward-facing seat. If you need suggestions for something suitable please let us know!

  • Candace

    She is 4.5 years old. This seat looks fantastic!

  • KC Kille

    It would be great for the grandparents’ car when they carry precious cargo!

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    Awesome. We need to shuffle the car seats around for baby girl who is outgrowing her bucket seat. We’d give her brother the Graco and put her rear facing in his True Fit.

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    I would probably use this one for my #2 who is currently 2.5 years old. We would likely wait though to use it until he outgrows his MyRide. #1 (5.5 years old) is in a Nautilus and we love it!

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    This seat would be used for a 19 month old, or a 2 and a half year old, 4 year old and 6 year old. I do daycare and sometimes have nephews or nieces. Sounds like an amazing seat!

  • Geneva Haiyupis

    I just realized this doesn’t rear face. So not for the 19 month old.

  • Renee Rivers

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  • Jodi H.

    Awesome seat, I have two kids who either could use this in the future. (ages 10 months and 2.5 yrs).

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  • Our son is currently 3 but still rear-facing. I’d love this seat for when we switch him to forward-facing (which won’t be till he hits the 40lb and 40inch limit his seats have for rear-facing!) Then I can use the seat he is in now for his little brother once he outgrows his current seat and/or our “back up” seats (which will no longer be back ups when he outgrows his infant seat). I just told my bf last night we will be getting a seat that does harness then booster once we are ready to switch so this would be perfect!

  • Becky W.

    My daughters are 4.5 and 21mths. I love the no rethread option on this new seat, and when it’s time this would be perfect for my 2nd child when she’s ready to ff 🙂

  • Bev

    I have a one year old and this car seat would be fabulous!

  • Patricia

    Boy could I use one of these in my van. I don’t have littles anymore, but always seem to be hailing grandkids and nieces and nephews of various shapes and sizes.

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  • This looks great! Would love one for my kiddo.

  • Kirstin

    We owned a Graco Nautilus for my 21 month old, but after being in a car accident (we were hit by a distracted driver) we now have to replace our car seat. After reading the reviews, I would love to replace it with an Argo. Winning one would be even better!

  • amanda

    Crossing my fingers it would fit so I could flip the Radian around for T (9 months)and put A ( almost 5 )in this

  • Amy

    Nice seat. I’d use it for my 3.5 yo.

  • Andrea

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  • I would use this car seat for my almost 2.5 yr old. I had a natulis for my now 9 yr old. When they first came out in Canada. And we loved it 🙂

  • Sophia

    Awesome! I would use this for my 5.5yr old step daughter who is outgrowing her AOE harness and refuse to use it as a booster. Then I can pass it along to her younger brother who is also in an AOE…it’s a perfect solution!

  • Aurelia

    Looking forward to this for our 4 year old son as he has outgrown his seat in the truck. It is very difficult to install there so the no thread harness height will be a godsend!!

  • Lorna

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  • Brigitte

    This seat is perfect for my 3 yr with Down Syndrome as she has lower muscle tone then most kids and therefore will benefit from the taller seat with harness straps. Ive been wondering what we’d do now that she’s outgrowing her regular seat. Thanks for the info!

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    For my 3 year old, as a seat for Grandma & Papa’s car. She is tall, and about to outgrow the seat they have for her by height.

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  • LYJY

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  • Erin

    I would be using it for my 3 year old if i won, and the 8 month old would then get her sisters sure ride!

  • Angela Goerz

    I love these reviews!!! This seat would be perfect for bringing my daycare child home in!

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  • Shelagh Pavlis

    5 and 7:)

  • I would love this seat for my mom’s car! She currently has my radian installed for my niece but this could be used for all three granddaughters, age 1, 3 and 4 which would be so handy.

  • The seat would be for our 3.5 year old and his seat would go to his baby brother or sister when they are big enough for it.

  • Leanne

    My child is two and a half and very tall for his age (height and weight of a 4 year old)! So I would LOVE to win a new seat for him! I love that this goes to a high back booster and then a booster.

  • Aleece Huntet

    We would love to ditch are alpha omegas for this seat!
    We have a frontier in our main vehicle and use 2 omegas for the spares this would be a huge step up! And added bonus of using it once she hits booster size age is a plus

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    This would be perfect. Second baby is due in May and I have an 11 year age gap between kids. So essentially starting over again.

    • jshapka

      You’d need to store it for a few years until the baby is ready for this type of seat as it does not rear face. Let us know if you ever need seat suggestions!

  • fantastic! we loved our Nautilus, and this looks like it would be a great seat for our soon to be middle child when we move him and pass on the RF seats to his coming sibling.

  • jessica eapen

    My nephew is 3.5 years old =). Thanks for the review!

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    This seat would be great in my husband’s car. Just realized that my 2 1/2 yr old is about to outweigh the seat in her dad’s car!

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    This seat would be perfect for my 3yr old as we need to upgrade him with a new baby on the way!

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  • Tracy F.

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    I would use this for my 4yr old, for one of my kids in daycare 🙂 i have four kids of my own in car seats and boosters at every level so having a versitile seat is key.

  • Andrea S

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  • Erin

    Daughter is rf in a Britax at 2 years. This Graco looks like it would be ideal for Grandma’s car, though, and easier for her to use!

  • Justine S.

    I have a 1 yr old and would love to use this as our primary seat and our other Graco for my parents when they need to pick up!

    • jshapka

      Not the safest choice for a 1 year old who would ideally continue to rear face another year or two – let us know if you need seat suggestions, there are some great inexpensive options out there!

  • Tanya Skinner

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    i love that it’s so easy to adjust, my 2.5 year old would love it

  • Cara

    My 1 year old daughter needs a second car seat for when her grand parents watch her, this one looks great.

    • jshapka

      Could we suggest an option for rear-facing instead Cara This seat doesn’t, and a 1 year old really should be rear facing for a few more years.

  • Erin Pyne

    i would use it for my son! He’s almost 6 months

    • jshapka

      Not at all suitable for a 6 month old Erin, it does not rear face. Let us know if you need seat suggestions for now 🙂

  • I would love this for my 5.5 year old.

  • Carrie

    I have a two year old and two month old!

  • Shalene

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    Would love to win this seat…I have a 6 & 4 yr old & with the no re-thread harness it would be perfect!!!!! 😀

  • Cary Hodgson

    This would be great for either of my kids, I have a 21 month old a 3.5 yr old, this woukd allow us to hace a car seat in our other car which would be a great help!!

  • This would to win this for my son who is 3 years old or my daughter is 6 weeks old.

    • jshapka

      This seat would be super for the 3 year old but not at all appropriate for the 6 week old…however, you could hold onto it through your son’s use and pass it down to your daughter once she’s ready to forward face (around age 2-4, closer to 4 ideally!).

  • Stephanie Westfall

    Would love to have a second seat for the truck. My son is two years old.

  • Tali

    Looks like a great seat! My guy is 17 months, I would love another seat that would last us this long!

  • My 7 year old son would be using this… and by the measurement shares, he can be BACK in harness mode after spending the last 6 months in a HBB! Hurray for progress (or in his case, regress!) Either way I’ll take it as this will keep him safer long! 🙂

  • Kat Summerbell

    I am looking for two good seats for my older daycare kids, once my Truefits expire early next year. I have enough rf/ff seats, so I think this would be a good bet for my two middle-row seats. I don’t always seat the same child in the same seat each time, so the no-rethread harness would be a huge asset. The only drawback is the cheap hook-style UAS clips, since I have to un-install and re-install my middle-row seats several times a week to take my daughters to their own activities. (My own kids are now 12 and in regular seatbelts.)
    Oddly, my current deal-breaker in my seat search is the 2-handed chest clip release. I’m so happy to see a 1-handed clip on this seat. I often have a baby in one arm when releasing the older kids from their seats, and it’s quite the dance to use 2 hands to undo a chest clip if I have to. But I sure wish they would upgrade the UAS clips by the time I have to buy new seats next year.

  • leslie

    I would use this for my 4.5 year old in our second vehicle so i wouldnt have to constantly transfer hers

  • Kim M

    I would you it for my 5 year old and possibly my 3 year for quick rides (like 1km to the grocery store), but more than likely with my 7 year old!

  • My grand daughter who is 6 months old now and soon growing out of her car seat.

    • jshapka

      This seat is not for use by a 6 month old – it does not rear face. Kids should rear face as long as possible, at least two years and ideally to 3 or 4+. Let us know if you need seat suggestions for the baby!

  • Judy Hunting

    I don’t believe it’s about age, as all children grow at different rates. I would use it until my child is too large in size for the seat!

    • jshapka

      It’s very much about age as well as size. As children grow their heads become more proportionate in comparison to their bodies, and their skeleton ossifies (cartilage hardens to bone). This means that the older a child is the more their body is able to tolerate a crash in a forward-facing seat. The younger the child is the more at risk they are for catastrophic head, neck, or spinal injuries, which is why we advocate for rear facing as long as possible.

  • I have a 14 month old and a 2.5 year old

    • jshapka

      Super option for the 2.5 year old – and you could pass it down to the 14 month old when s/he is ready to forward-face! 10 year life span on this seat 🙂

  • Catrienna Lynch

    My 4 year old is outgrowing his older model AO in his grandparents car and this would be great to replace it or even swap his frontier to their car for easier install. Decisions!

  • Jennifer

    Would use this for my second son as soon as he hits the minimum limits

    • jshapka

      We would strongly suggest you rear face a lot longer than the minimums – let us know if you need seat suggestions! Lots to choose from in long lasting convertibles.

  • My 5 year old would love this seat!

  • Erin

    Totally want this!

  • This would be for my 2 year old when he outgrows his rear facing seat

  • charityk

    for my 4.5 year old

  • Ashley

    I would use it for my nearly 6 y/o.

  • Farah

    my baby is 10 months now and soon she will need front facing car seat. What could be more better than having this Graco car seat as give away. It looks cozy and smart and definitely my baby would love to be seated in this super cozy seat!

    • jshapka

      Hopefully you will consider keeping your daughter rear facing for at least a couple more years as that’s the safest way to ride. If you need seat suggestions please let us know.

  • Amanda

    Hey, I love the new design of this car seat. With a new baby on the way I would give this car seat to my 3 year old and use her current one for the new baby since it rear faces starting at 5lbs. I love the built in cup holders and cubby her current seats cup holder never stays in place. I would love to win something like this all of my baby products are from Graco ! Love the brand.

  • Joni W

    For my niece. She really needs a new one. she’s 3 years old.

  • Sunshine G

    Our daughter is three and just about into a booster – this would be a great fit for her!

    • jshapka

      I hope you mean a harnessed seat that converts to a booster – three year olds don’t belong in booster seats (that use the adult seat belt to restrain them, no harness). Lots of great options to harness kids to a safe booster age, and this is certainly one of them! If you aren’t the lucky winner let us know if you need seat suggestions 🙂

  • Kaitlyn

    Would love this for my currently 2.5 year old toddler when he is kicked out of his current seat by his new sibling mid 2015!

  • Jolan Holmes

    For my son who is currently 4 months old and in his infant seat

    • jshapka

      Jolan, you’d need to hold onto this one for a really long time before it would be suitable for your son. Babies need to rear face for as long as possible, ideally until at least age two and preferably closer to age four. Let us know if you need seat suggestions for the interim!

  • Jake

    We love Jen Shapka and any car seat that Jen Shapka recommends is one that we would love for our 2.5 year old daughter.

  • Lincoln S

    My son would love to sit in this!

  • Natascha Robertson

    I would love this for my child who is 3 years old 🙂

  • Sharla

    I have a 7, 5 and 3 year old and would love this seat!! I have 2 nautilus’ now and was just in the market to get another one but this looks to be perfect for us. Thanks!!

  • would like this for my great niece

  • Jonathan

    That would be awesome for my 17 months daughter. It seems way more secure than her actual seat.

  • Three kids, and I know the nauti fits so the Argos could be an option for my biggie to use when baby takes over Fllo… Or more likely he completely outgrows it!

  • Alyson Coughlan

    I want one of these so bad for my pregnant daughter. I would be an awesome shower gift for my 1st grandchild 🙂

    • jshapka

      You wouldn’t be able to use it for several years – current recommendations are to rear face as long as possible, and many many seats on the market can easily accommodate most kids until age 3-4. Let us know if you need suggestions, and congrats on the first grandbaby!

  • Katie Charette

    My son is 3 and while he still rear faces in two of the three main vehicles he travels in, he’s an inch away from outgrowing his seats rear facing so this would be an awesome seat to grow into! 🙂

  • Jenn

    I would like this for my niece who will be 1 next year!!!

    • jshapka

      Not a suitable seat for someone not yet 1 – ideally children rear face for as long as possible, until two or three or four (or longer!). That’s the best way to protect their head, neck and spine. Let us know if you need seat suggestions 🙂

  • kristen visser

    I would actually give this to my best friend who is expecting her first in March. I have two children myself and know the kind of money you have to spend on your first child so I would love to help her out

    • jshapka

      Provided she knows it can’t be used from birth – and ideally not until the child is at least age 2-4! Current recommendations are to rear face as long as possible. Let us know if you’d like other seat suggestions for her 🙂

  • Toby

    She’s 2 1/2! 🙂

  • My soon to be 3yr old so she can hand down her rear – to front facing seat to her little brother.

    I’ve gotten quite sad to know that there will be no more first years truefit being manufactured any longer.

  • tasha may

    My son is only 7 1/2 months but I would use it for him when he’s old enough to go in it! :o)

  • Colleen

    Would be used for a 3yr or 4 yr old

  • Andrea M

    I would use it for my 2 yr old daughter….it would be perfect!

  • Doug Mickey

    Newborn, friend of the family (1st child)

    • jshapka

      Not at all suitable for a newborn Doug – rear facing as long as possible is what is recommended. It would need to be stored for several years 🙂

  • martina

    she is 17 months, will wait a bit to use it

  • Jenn douma

    The child that would be using this car seat is due in February but it would definitely come in handy to drive my nieces and nephew around until our little one is old/big enough to use it!

  • Suzie M

    My little girl is 2 1/2

  • I’d use it for my little man when he is ready to forward face so it wouldn’t be for a little while still as he’s only 18 months

  • Kristy Reid

    I would use this for my DD. She will be 3 in March. I had twins in October so we’re actively looking for at least one more car seat for when the twins outgrow their infant seats. This would fit the bill nicely.

  • Jeannine

    I would use this on my two year old. Looks very comfortable!

  • Mary

    We have an almost 4 year old and a 6 year old that share a Nautilus in one of our cars. We do love the seat, but not having to re-thread to adjust for them would be amazing! We also have a newborn who would get to use it, once he is no longer rear-facing in in a few years.

  • jennifer grobbink taylor

    For my daughter when she out grows her infant seat

    • jshapka

      Babies need to rear face for as long as possible – may we suggest something she could move into after her infant seat The Argos is for once she is forward-facing.

  • Cindy

    Would love this for our kids 3 and 5.

  • Rochel S

    It would be for my 3 year old!

  • Maria C.

    We would use this for our 2 year old! My younger child still uses the bucket seat.

  • Jennifer Parsons

    This would be used by my 2 year old daughter.